Love Island 2020: Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng split as she dumps him

What happened on last night's Love Island? Recap January 28!

Leanne and Mike talk.

It's all over for Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning after last night's Love Island.

The pair had looked like one of the strongest couples of this year's series.


But after Leanne hinted at not quite feeling it while Mike also confessed to having doubts last week, the coupling crumbled on Tusday evening.

After confessing she wasn’t happy with Mike, Leanne told Sophie and Jess in yesterday's episode: “I think I’m going to have to just lock it off with Mike. I think I just have to end it.

"I feel like I’ve given it time… It’s been two weeks, surely I should like him more than this? I feel like I’ve just got the ick.”

She added: “Maybe I shouldn’t have left it this long but genuinely I was trying, I wanted to like him, I wanted to catch feelings, but it’s just not coming. Now I’ve got the ick, everything he does actually annoys me.”

Sophie urged Leanne to pull Mike for a chat straight away as she chose to sleep in The Dog House.

"I feel that you'll be someone's perfect guy out there," Leanne told Mike after saying she wasn't feeling the spark between them.


Leanne added in the beach hut: "You know when something's just not right so me and Mike are over."

Mike admitted he was "upset" but conceded: "You can't force something that isn't there."

Meanwhile, a teaser for Wednesday night's show revealed Mike already moving on as he flirted with Sophie Piper.

Elsewhere in yesterday's Love Island, there was much better news for one unlucky in love islander.

New arrivals Wallace and Demi’s dinner dates moved on to the next course, with Wallace choosing Paige and Demi choosing Luke M for their main course.

But it was dessert everyone was waiting for as Nas got his chance to date new arrival Demi.

Nas admitted: “I’ve got to pull out my A-game tonight. It’s been over two weeks and this is my first date.”

And it seemed like it was working as he fed Demi his lovingly prepared dessert and got to know her.

He told her: “You’re actually stunning. Fiery, sexy… we’ll go with that for now.”

Could Nas be about to find his match?

Love Island 2020 continues nightly on ITV2.


Alongside the main show, spin-off series Aftersun airs at 10PM on Monday nights hosted by Laura Whitmore.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via ITV Hub here.

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