Love Island 2020: Connagh Howard speaks out after his shock exit

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Connagh Howard has spoken out after his exit from Love Island 2020.

In the results of Friday's elimination, Connagh found himself left single after the latest recoupling.


It was the girls picking who to partner up with and Connagh was dumped after Rebecca Gormley chose instead to couple up with new boy Luke Trotman.

Following his exit, Connagh confessed he had doubts about Rebecca coupling up with him.

He explained: “I wasn’t confident because Rebecca’s quite hard to read, she doesn’t give too much away. Even before the two new lads came in I was trying to see where her head was at, who she was interested in and she didn’t say too much… So I had doubts in my mind.

“If I’m still single and if she does have a change of heart in the future and wanted to try again, I wouldn’t completely close it off.”

He said of the introduction of the two new Lukes on Friday: “You haven’t got a clue what these lads are going to be like, who they’re interested in. I definitely had an idea one of them would be interested in Rebecca because she’s a stunning girl. People are going to be interested. But after meeting them, I could sympathise with them, because I had been in their position too.

"So, there wasn’t any hostility from me - I get it, you’ve come in here for the same reasons as I have. Everyone deserves their fair chance to get to know whoever. It was nice to see new faces in the villa as well.”


Before his time with Rebecca, Connagh had chosen Sophie Piper at his first recoupling which caused a bit of a stir.

He said: “You know what your decision is going to be but the anticipation is building and building. You just have to go through with it… I was definitely interested enough to take the risk. I knew it might not pay off. But that’s just the chance you have to take.”

Asked if he was disappointed that it didn’t work out with Sophie, Connagh confessed: “Yeah of course, you’re going to be disappointed. But, I wasn’t surprised. You could see the chemistry was there with her and Connor. I’m not the type of person to be hung up over it.”

Connagh also spoke about his feelings for Siânnise Fudge.

“It was difficult because, truthfully, Siânnise was also one of the girls I was interested in when I first went into the villa - she’s a very pretty girl, very sweet, innocent," he said. “I was very mindful not to say all these nice things to her, get her hopes up and then just change my mind. I was upset that she got upset the first time. I didn’t enjoy that.”

Meanwhile, on those couples left in the villa, Connagh said: “Stand out couples for me would probably be Callum and Shaughna. I feel like they’re just being themselves and vibing well. I don’t see anyone who is being disingenuous.”

And asked if he thought any one was playing a game, he replied: “If they are, they’re playing a very good game, because I couldn’t tell! I’m more of an optimistic person.”


Love Island continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

Alongside the main show, spin-off After Sun airs at 10PM on Mondays.

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