I'm A Celebrity tears as letters from home arrive in camp

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There were no shortage of tears on tonight's I'm A Celebrity as letters from home arrived.

However getting them wasn't an easy task.


In a challenge, the campmates were faced with a yellow toy grab machine which held 7 toys holding letters which represented each of the campmates letters from home.

Each of the celebrities had to decide which other two celebrities would try and operate the claw grabber to win their letter for them.

Roman and Nadine won Caitlyn's letter. Jacqueline and Myles got Kate’s koala for her quickly, Caitlyn and Andy got Nadine’s, Nadine and Myles retrieved Jacqueline’s, Jacqueline and Nadine got Andy’s, Myles and Kate got Roman’s and Roman and Andy got Myles’.

Back in camp, Jacqueline brought down a basket full of letters from home. There were lots of tears from each campmate as the letters were read out.

Caitlyn read out the letter Myles’ Dad wrote: "It's your Dad here, it's been great watching you get on with everybody and showing respect but I wouldn't expect anything else from you. Every time you do a task you get better and better at facing your fears. We love seeing you cook for everyone, I showed a clip to your Nan - you've done her proud as you have all of us. "

Crying, Myles said: “You don’t understand how much that letter means to me.”


Caitlyn’s letter from home was read out by Jacqueline: "You are doing such an amazing job in the jungle. Show these Brits that American Olympian endurance. The dogs and I miss you so much, we decorated the house but Baxter tore the lights off the trees already so it’s waiting for you to fix it."

Nadine’s letter from her sister Rachel was read by Roman: "What you have accomplished so far is courageous. We are all bursting with pride!! We are all here in Australia supporting you every step of the way. Anaiya is having such a good time and Papa is teaching her how to swim.

"She loves you more than anything, anything, anything. She loves you more than anything in the whole wide world. All we can say is we miss you so much and we cannot wait to see you. We love you loads and loads."

Nadine read out Roman’s girlfriend Sophie’s letter: "I miss you so much, it's ridiculous. It's made me realise just how much I love sharing the boring, everyday aspects of life with you. All the silly conversations we have and laughing together at things that probably aren't even that funny.

"I am so excited to have those moments back. Keep doing me proud and keep being wonderful. All my love."

Andy didn’t have his glasses with him so Myles read the letter from Jacqueline’s husband Dan. He wrote: "I want to firstly say I’m so, so, so proud of you! My days just aren’t complete without you in them. I miss my wife like mad, I can’t wait to see that pretty face.

"You also have two little best friends here waiting for you. Mia kisses a picture of you and Ella is always asking when is Mummy coming back from the jungle. I’m giving them extra kisses for you every day. See you real soon babe."


The letter from Kate’s family said: "We already know you are the nicest, kindest, strongest woman in the world and now the whole country knows it too. We are having a brilliant time with the other friends and family so don’t worry about us.

"But there is a hole in the bed, and in our hearts, where you belong. Keep being the you we know and love so much we are the proudest family in the universe."

Finally, the letter from Andy’s wife Nichola was read by Kate: "First of all don’t cry. Hollie was so upset when you didn’t get your roast dinner and your snoring keeping Caitlyn Jenner awake was just too funny.

"The kids are missing you so much, Tom keeps saying ‘it’s just not right because Dad isn’t here’! All I can say is that I am so proud to be your wife - you are 1 in a million. Just carry on being yourself, we love you so so so so much and are all so proud of you."

Ahead of going to bed, the group had a group hug following the emotional night.


I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here airs nightly on ITV.

The final takes place this Sunday night.

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