Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Kevin Hart appear in I'm A Celebrity's latest challenge

im a celebrity the rock kevin hart

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and Kevin Hart made surprise cameos in tonight's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

In this evening's episode, Jacqueline Jossa and Andy Whyment were sent on the latest dingo dollar challenge.


They found an old TV set and old game console on a table. The Jumanji logo appeared on the TV screen, Andy and Jacqueline read the words: "A game for those who seek to find. A way to leave their world behind".

Then Dwayne Johnson appeared (The Rock) and told Jacqueline and Andy he had some important news, Jacqueline and Andy screamed with delight.

The Rock said: “To win the dollars, complete three games. Then grab the red jewel that is yours to claim. If you escape with the jewel and place it into the light, then shout ‘Jumanji’, enter the shack for delight.”

Jacqueline and Andy couldn’t believe it, “Alright, calm down Jac, he’s not here, he’s in the TV.” Jacqueline said “he said ‘campmates’” Andy laughed.

Jacqueline and Andy started the challenge and entered a room with a maze, they had to move a key around a maze via a magnet underneath the table. Andy gave Jacqueline the instructions as she was underneath the table moving the magnet.

Gunk dropped on them as they did the challenge, Andy commented that it smelt like soy sauce. Jacqueline found Andy’s instructions hilarious and confusing!


They got the key and unlocked the door to the second room where they had to finish a puzzle on the wall. Jacqueline was really good at the challenge and they finished it quickly. Another door opened and they found a large ice block with a hammer and a key inside it.

Jacqueline said “Inside was a hammer and a key and we needed the hammer to release the key to release the jewel.”

Andy and Jacqueline looked at the ice as they were unsure how they’d crack it, Jacqueline suggested they lick it, Andy suggested rubbing sand on it. Eventually they found two rocks and started to bash it, soon afterwards they’d released the hammer and started to use that to crack the ice.

Andy said “Once the hammer was out it became so much easier to smash our way through it.”

Jacqueline smashed the ice with the hammer, she said “Oh my god, this is great. I’ve never really used a hammer before and never had the opportunity to absolutely go mental at getting all my anger out.”

She said to Andy, “I did channel losing to Coronation Street five years in a row at The British Soap Awards as my motivation.” Andy laughed and said “I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of you.”

Eventually they got the key which then unlocked the box to give them the jewel which in turn gave them the dingo dollars.

Jacqueline and Andy looked at the screen and The Rock and Kevin Hart appeared. The Rock said “Congratulations Campmates.”

Kevin Hart said “You have placed the jewel into the light and Jumanji is completed.” The Rock added “In return you have been awarded 100 dingo dollars.” Kevin Hart said “Please spend them wisely.”


The pair ultimately decided to buy biscuits at the outback shack.

I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.

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