Watch Kate Garraway tackle terrifying 'Frightseers' trial I'm A Celebrity

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Kate Garraway took on tonight's I'm A Celebrity bushtucker trial, Frightseers.

The latest series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continued this evening on ITV at 9PM.


For the latest trial, Kate found herself with Ant and Dec at the trial clearing together with a miniature set of London.

Kate had to find seven stars that were hidden in famous landmarks around the capital city.

In the first round, she had to stick her head inside 'Bug Ben' and retrieve the star using her mouth within 60 seconds - as cockroaches and other critters rained down on her.

Kate started to use her tongue to unscrew the star but sadly she didn’t do it in time and didn’t collect the star.

Next up was 10 Downing Feet and Dec told Kate she could only use her feet to get the star which was surrounded by toads, Kate did it no problem.


Then it was Westminster Crabby and Kate had to use her hands to unthread a star with crabs nearby – she did it with seconds to spare.

Dec announced Kate would now be going to the London Fly and she’d have to use her tongue again. She did it but with only seconds to spare.

Next was Trafalgar Scare and Kate had to use her hands to get the star that had pigeons around it, she did it with no issues.

Kate visited the Sliver Thames next which featured snakes and she’d have to use her mouth again to get the star. Kate took a deep breath and said “This is my worst fear”

Kate took her time before she started the Trial and tried to unscrew the star but sadly she didn’t do it in time.

The final landmark was St Crawl’s Cathedral and Kate had to crawl on her hands and knees to get the last star in a tunnel full of rats. Kate crawled in slowly and started to talk to the rats as she got the star and carefully crawled back out.

Kate counted 5 stars in front of Ant and Dec and then got emotional and started to cry. She said she didn’t want to let people down. Ant and Dec hugged her and Dec said “You did so well.”

Kate thanked them and made her way back to camp.


I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly on ITV with Ant and Dec at 9PM.

Extra Camp spin-off airs on ITV2 straight after the main show.

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