Watch Caitlyn Jenner and Roman Kemp face gruesome I'm A Celebrity trial

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Caitlyn Jenner and Roman Kemp faced tonight’s I’m A Celebrity trial, Slop Of The Pops.

The pair were put up for the latest trial by the group in order to win meals for camp.


Meeting Ant and Dec at the trials area, Caitlyn and Roman found themselves strapped to a giant turntable holding giant microphones.

They were then covered with fish guts and offal as they spun around. They had to win stars hidden within piñatas above them by attempting to break them open with their microphones.

For every star that fell out, they would win a meal for camp.

Roman and Caitlyn strapped themselves onto the turntable and Ant & Dec started playing the music. The first track was Cher’s ‘If I could turn back time’ or as Dec revealed, now known in the Jungle as ‘If I could turn back slime’.

The Trial started and loads of slime and critters gushed onto Roman and Caitlyn. The first disco ball piñata hovered above them and they hit it with their giant microphones to get the first star.


Ant and Dec played the next track Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a prayer’ now called ‘Liver on a prayer’ as liver and critters dropped on Roman and Caitlyn, they struggled at first to hit the second piñata but managed to do it and get another star.

Next up was Stormzy’s ‘Big for your boots’, now called ‘Big for your fruits’ and rotten fruit dropped on Roman and Caitlyn. “What the hell was that?!” asked Caitlyn. Dec told her it was rotten fruit and Ant added that it stunk. Caitlyn said “Lets go” wanting the next disco ball to hover, Ant and Dec laughed.

Dec kept reminding Roman and Caitlyn to let the ball settle before they hit it but neither listened to him and bashed it the minute it was above their heads much to Ant and Dec’s amusement.

Next up, Ant and Dec played Rod Stewart’s ‘First cut is the deepest’ now called ‘First gut is the deepest’ as fish guts dropped on Roman and Caitlyn. The next disco ball piñata came out and with good teamwork from Roman and Caitlyn they got another star.

Ant and Dec then played Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ now called ‘Meat Caroline’ as offal dropped on our celebrities. Dec told Roman and Caitlyn the next piñata had two stars inside, Roman and Caitlyn successfully completed the round.

The final round was Rednex ‘Cotton eyed Joe’ or as it’s now called in the Jungle “Rotten eyed Joe’. Rotten eggs dropped on Caitlyn and Roman, the smell was horrific but they managed to get the last two stars for camp and successfully complete the Trial.

Afterwards Dec said to Caitlyn that the Trial looked revolting, Caitlyn just looked at him and didn’t say a word as she stood there smelling and covered in gunge. Ant laughed and said “She’s not talking to you, she doesn’t find it funny.”

Ant congratulated them on getting all 8 stars and asked if Caitlyn had anything to say, Caitlyn shook her head and Ant and Dec laughed.

Roman said “It was absolutely rancid, one of the most disgusting smells.”


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly on ITV with Ant and Dec at 9PM.

The Extra Camp spin-off airs on ITV2 straight after the main show.

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