Nadine Coyle wins all ten stars in I'm A Celebrity's latest trial

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Nadine Coyle took on tonight's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here trial.

With viewer votes now deciding who leaves camp, it's up to the celebs to pick who does the daily trials for food.


In tonight's episode, Nadine Coyle was put forward to tackle a task called Movile Home.

Ant and Dec explained she would be entering a mobile home with 10 stars inside. The home was made up of five sections, two stars in each section and two mins in each section to collect the stars.

Ant added that all the stars must go in her star bag and each star is worth a meal for camp.

Nadine climbed into the driver’s seat of the ‘Movile Home’ and the klaxon sounded. She had to unknot and unscrew two stars from the steering wheel and the gearstick as green slime started to gush down on her.

Nadine managed to get the two stars and moved into the passenger seat for another round as Jungle critters joined her.


Next up was the back of the ‘Movile Home’ and its kitchen.

“Oh this is grim looking” commented Nadine as she walked in. She started to get another two stars as fish guts and offal dropped on her.

Nadine commented “It smells like manure.” She got another two stars and moved into another area that had green ants, she effortlessly got another two stars.

Dec said “Two more to go, Nadine, let’s go through to the bedroom.” Nadine laughed and joked “Dec, I never thought I’d hear you say that.”

Nadine climbed into a bed with crabs and had to unscrew the two final stars which she did and successfully completed the BTT.

Ant and Dec congratulated Nadine as she joined them. Dec said “You made that look very easy.”

Nadine said “Did I? You’re very kind.” She counted 10 stars and they all cheered.

Ant said “That’s brilliant.” Nadine said she was so happy.


I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.

Spin-off Extra Camp immediately follows the main show on ITV2.

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