I'm A Celebrity contestants coated in bugs in latest horror trial

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I’m A Celebrity stars faced a spooky banquet in tonight’s latest episode.

As part of a new twist, the I’m A Celebrity cast have been ‘cursed’ seeing them on basic rations.


This evening, Kate Garraway, Andrew Maxwell, Andy Whyment and Caitlyn Jenner found themselves battling to free themselves from the curse and win their dinner.

Instructions revealed: “Each of you will have your head served up on a platter and must endure your time at the banquet. At various points during the reckoning a service bell will ring. When it does, you must rest your chin on the red button in front of you until the bell sounds again.

“If you do not keep the button pressed down, the light will come on and you fail. The two celebrities who have incurred the least fails will free themselves from the curse and eat tonight.”

Andrew, Andy, Kate and Caitlyn got their heads into place on the banquet table and rested their chin on the red button as the bell sounded for the first round.

Cockroaches dropped on everyone, Kate struggled to keep her nerve and started to make strange noises, she knocked her chin off the button so her red light went off which gave her a fail.


The second round started and meal worms dropped on everyone, everyone managed to stay calm except Kate who was still making strange noises.

Andrew said “Kate started the ‘fear humming’ so I joined in.” Kate and Caitlyn got a fail in the second round.

The third round started and spiders started to crawl all over them, they took a special liking to Andrew’s face. Caitlyn failed as she moved her chin as did Kate. Kate said “I didn’t stop screaming, I was really trying.”

The fourth round started and crickets and more spiders joined them, Andy was calm throughout and Kate panicked and said “I’ve got spiders in my bra.” Andrew remarked “The spiders are too big to get down there.”

The bell sounded for the last round and beechworms, cockroaches and more spiders arrived. Caitlyn’s red light went off, “I think I’ve got a bad chin” she said. Kate continued to make strange noises.

Andy’s light went off, he said “I wasn’t worried about what was in front of me, I was too busy laughing at the noises Kate was making.”


The bell sounded and the challenge was over, Andy and Andrew were the winners with least amount of red lights so were now un-cursed.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV.

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