RuPaul's Drag Race UK finalists: Meet the final three Queens

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK concludes its first season tonight as three Queens go head to head – meet the finalists here.

Ten Queens started the competition last month.

Handpicked for their huge slaying potential by Mama Ru herself, the eclectic group of queens are the perfect showcase of what the UK drag scene has to offer.

After eight weeks of challenges and lip sync battles, a trio of Queens remain in the running to be crowned the first ever winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

The winner will be revealed tonight (November 21) during the final episode at 8PM on BBC iPlayer/BBC Three.

Start your engines, and may the best woman win!

For now, meet the final three below…

Baga Chipz

Baga Chipz
Baga Chipz

29-year-old from London

Twitter username: @ChipShopBird
Instagram username: @bagachipz

Baga Chipz says: “Drag Race has opened the art of drag to millions around the world. It’s not about being pretty, but being an entertainer. Drag Race has changed drag forever giving it a bigger audience with a bigger platform and its entertaining telly and we bloody love it!

“Drag Race has also shown the world we’re here, we’re queer – get used to it.”

Divina De Campo

Davina Di Campo
Davina Di Campo

35-year-old from Brighouse in West Yorkshire.

Twitter username: @Divinadecampo
Instagram username: @divinadecampo

Divina De Campo says: “It’s quite difficult to understate how much of an impact RuPaul’s Drag Race has had, not just on me but on drag in the UK as a whole. I started drag in 2005 and the internet was only just becoming a thing so there weren’t loads of makeup tutorials or lessons about how to make wigs or any of that stuff.

“There was almost none of that online. That has changed dramatically in the last ten years because Drag Race has a cult following and people are making content so that you can now find how to do a smokey eye, a cut crease, a bold lip, or teach yourself how to make dresses.

“So because of the effect of Drag Race and all of us wanting to be a bit better, and look better, I think it has elevated my drag and we’ve seen that all through the UK. Everybody’s just pitching a bit higher all the time.”


The Vivienne

The Vivienne
The Vivienne

27-year-old from Liverpool

Twitter username: @thevivienneuk
Instagram username: @thevivienne_

The Vivienne says: “Around four years ago I was crowned by RuPaul himself as the UK ambassador for RuPaul’s Drag Race in the UK. It was like a role to have here in the UK to make some noise about Drag Race.

“Being crowned by RuPaul was the most crazy experience, I’m a huge fan of the show and RuPaul himself. He’s the absolute queen of the world so being crowned was the most nuts experience, but I don’t think it it’s going to give me a head start in this competition.

“I had to audition like everyone else and I’m coming to slay, like everyone else.”

Drag Race UK will air on BBC Three/iPlayer from October.

The final episode airs on Thursday November 21 at 8PM.

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