I'm A Celebrity 2019: Myles Stephenson, Roman Kemp in power after terrifying plank walk

Celebs had to climb DOWN a ladder suspended 334 feet in the air

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Myles Stephenson and Roman Kemp are now a ‘Power Pair’ on I’m A Celebrity 2019 after winning a plank-walking challenge.

The game began almost immediately on the ITV survival show, when the new campmates coupled up.


Five celebs competed in a swimming race, with the champion getting first pick of partner from the other five.

They then split in to two groups to battle for power and privilege on their journies in to the jungle.

Three pairs were whisked to the 32-storey Focus Building on Australia’s Gold Coast, where, for the third series running, two planks extended from its roof.

In a new twist, the contestants also faced a nerve-wracking descent down a ladder – suspended 334 feet above ground.

Hosts Ant and Dec explained that each celeb would walk along a plank and climb down its ladder to reach the ‘yellow zone’.


There, they had to hit a button when a light turned green, before making their way back.

The duo with the fastest combined response time become one of two ‘Power Pairs’, earning the right to live in the more comfortable Croc Creek camp.

As if the challenge wasn’t terrifying enough, the stars also had to contend with unusally high winds.

“Thankfully we’ve had a word with health and safety and we’re still fine to do it,” confirmed Ant.

First up were Ian Wright and Jacqueline Jossa, with the former almost falling off his plank until he used a safety wire to balance himself.

Jacqueline struggled to concentrate as the other celebs cheered her on, asking them to shush.

She was more positive once they were back on the roof, saying: “I wouldn’t want to do it again, but it was fun.”


Ian described the task as “the most frightening thing I’ve ever done in my life”.

Roman and Myles followed, managing to avoid similar struggles as they shuffled along the boards in sync.

“That’s the exuberance of youth,” laughed Ian.

Finally it was Andrew Maxwell and Kate Garraway’s turn, with the latter seemingly the most nervous contender.

While Andrew moved with relative ease, the Good Morning Britain anchor fell behind.

Vertigo struck when she reached the ladder and remarked: “I can’t do it, I’m falling.”

However, they eventually completed the task, with a jubliant Kate explaining: “My legs are like jelly. I nearly screamed to get off there… I thought I couldn’t do it.”

Ant and Dec then revealed the results, with only 0.01 second separating two of the teams.

Ian and Jacqueline came in at 3.40 seconds, while Andrew and Kate were just ahead on 3.39 seconds.

But Myles and Roman were the clear winners, with a combined time of 1.45 seconds – making them a Power Pair.


While they got to enjoy a full meal in Croc Creek on their first night, the losers were left sleeping on the floor of the rougher Snake Rock camp, with just rice and beans to eat.

Meanwhile, the other group faced I’m A Celebrity’s iconic sky dive as they battled for the other two power positions.

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