Love Island 2019: Chris Taylor tries to clear the air with Harley Brash

Chris and Harley chat.

Chris Taylor attempts to make amends with Harley Brash in tonight's Love Island.

The pair clashed in last night's episode after a headline challenge.


It saw Chris incorrectly guess that one headline was about him and India Reynolds having a romantic connection.

“He [Chris] could have picked anyone! For him to have done that, it’s ridiculous," Harley complained yesterday. "I understand it’s a game but it was his decision and it was who he thought were meant to be together and he decided to choose someone he used to like.”

In tonight's show, Chris is keen to clear the air, so he seeks advice from Ovie on making Harley an apology breakfast.

Chris says to Ovie: “Basically, what I want to do is make ‘sorry’ out of toast and then a couple of poached eggs with smashed avocado.”

Chris gets to work and whips up breakfast for Harley. He then presents the breakfast to Harley who thanks him. But when Chris goes in for a hug, Harley says: “Not yet.”

That evening, Chris asks Harley for a chat to finally resolve the drama between the pair.


Chris begins: “I never meant any of it in a malicious way.”

Harley replies: “I needed to say it, because you wouldn’t have thought that you had done anything wrong.”

Chris then says: “Part of the reason I want to keep this going is because you bring out a side to me that I don’t normally show people. That to me, says that you’re special.”

Has Chris done enough to win back Harley’s affections?

Love Island 2019 returns tonight (Tuesday, July 23) at 9PM on ITV2.

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, the villa erupts after Jordan's head is turned by India while Molly-Mae and Tommy reflect on the revelations from the recent challenge.


Meanwhile, Maura and Curtis get to enjoy some alone time in the hideaway.

There's now less than a week to go until the Love Island final which airs next Monday, July 29.

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