Love Island 2019: Amber Gill reveals her feelings to Michael Griffiths

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Amber Gill reveals her feelings to Michael Griffiths in tonight's Love Island 2019.

The pair were coupled up until the Casa Amor twist, where Michael recoupled with Joanna Chimonides while Amber stayed loyal.


In tonight's show, Tommy receives a text which reads: “Islanders, get ready to leave the villa as you’re off to party the night away at the Island Club. #TooBlessedToBeStressed #BigNightOut”

The Islanders are extremely excited as they arrive at the Island Club and enjoy a glass of fizz and beautiful views over the Island of Love.

As the Islanders dance together, Michael and Joanna sit down to talk.

Michael tells Joanna that despite what some of the other Islanders have been saying, he is happy in his coupling with her.

He says: “I like you and I’ve got feelings for you and I want to see where things go with you… The decisions I’m making are for me.”

Joanna tells him: “It’s been hard because there have been times where I have seen you look at her and it has been awkward because the way you do look at her, sometimes I am like, ‘Oh is there still that…?’


"The way you do look at her, in my gut I’m like, ‘I feel like he still has feelings for her, personally’… I just struggle with the fact you’ve turned your feelings off so quickly.”

Later, Amber decides to speak to Michael to put her cards on the table and tell him how she truly feels.

She tells him: “I feel like there’s a lot going around but you’ve not actually heard it from the horse’s mouth… There’s been loads of speculation but I just wanted to put it on the table. Chris coming in has made me realise even more how much we did have a good thing.

"I know we had our issues, but I feel like if I had have handled it better, if I had been more open with you we wouldn’t be at this point right now because I think that we did have a good thing going. I still do like you, I can’t switch my feelings off.

"I know it took me a long time to say it but when I did say that I liked you, it was real… That’s all I wanted to say.”


How will her revelation go down with Michael?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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