Love Island 2019: Is new guy Ovie Soko the 'perfect match' for Anna Vakili?

Tonight's Love Island spoilers

Anna snogs Ovie

Anna Vakili may have found her perfect match on Love Island 2019 in new guy Ovie Soko.

In this evening's episode, the girls settle in at Casa Amor where they've been joined by six new guys.


And one of them immediately catches the eye of Anna, currently coupled up with Jordan Hames.

Anna shares her excitement about new arrival Ovie in the Beach Hut: “To be honest I haven’t really spoken to any of the boys apart from Ovie, which I’m really happy about because he’s the first person that caught my eye. He’s just gorgeous, so I’m really excited.”

Discussing her hesitations about Jordan with the other girls, Anna admits: “With the first dates with Tom and Jordan, out of Tom and Jordan, Jordan was more my type.

"We had a little bit of chemistry in the way we were looking at each other. With Ovie it’s a bit different because we do have that but at the same time we have a lot of conversation. The conversation is flowing.”

Anna faces significant encouragement from the rest of the girls, with Amber labelling her relationship with Ovie as ‘the perfect match’:

She adds: "I love Jordan and it makes me feel gutted that I’m saying that but I have to be honest and you look perfect.”


Anna gets the opportunity to take things with Ovie to a whole new level during a game of sexy charades, when she and Ovie are tasked with acting out the word ‘snogging.’

With the pair locking lips for the first time, has Anna finally found the guy she was looking for?

Meanwhile, over at the main villa in a chat with new girl Jourdan Riane, Jordan is ambivalent about where things stand with Anna.

He says: “It’s not a topic that we’ve actually completely spoken on. We’ve not sat down and said to each other ‘we’re 100%.’ We’ve not said we’re in a relationship or anything like that. Some cans of worms are going to be opened.”

Jordan is determined not to overthink things, and pledges to remain open minded during a chat in the Beach Hut: “In the situation with me and Anna, do I like her? Yes? Do we have a connection? Yes.

"But we’ve not explicitly sat down and said to each other that if this situation was to come around, would we get to know the other people?


"So I’m just going to get to know the girls in the villa currently, and then obviously I can weigh up my options and figure out what the best thing going forward is, for myself and obviously for Anna.”

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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