Love Island 2019: Lucie annoyed as Tommy and Molly-Mae go on a date

Molly-Mae listens to Tommy.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague enjoy a date on Love Island 2019 tonight.

However there's gossip going around the villa about Lucie Donlan and her relationship with the boxer.


In this evening;s episode, Tommy and Molly-Mae appear to be going from strength to strength.

The pair have their first opportunity to spend some alone time together outside of the villa, when a surprise text arrives: “Tommy and Molly-Mae you’re going on a date, please get ready to leave the villa #saddleup #toohottotrot"

An anxious Tommy tells the Beach Hut: “I’ve never rode a horse before, so I’m slightly nervous if it is that.”

With Tommy and Molly-Mae out of the villa, the other Islanders take the opportunity to speculate on Tommy’s friendship with Lucie, and Lucie’s revelation that she would ‘never say never’ to a future romance with Tommy.

After a catch up with Amy, Curtis tells the boys: “I have heard something through the grapevine, that somebody asked Lucie ‘would you go there with Tommy, is that a complete closed door?’ and she said ‘never say never’.”

An unimpressed Danny responds: “In my opinion, that’s disrespectful. Whether you feel it or not, keep that to yourself.”


Anton adds: “I would actually be quite disappointed if that was the case. The impression I got was the next person she would be open to is someone that comes in that was 100% her type, and is very compatible with her.”

Dubious as to Lucie’s motives, Danny continues: “I was under the impression that’s the only reason she was still here. Now after that comment, is she just waiting on the sidelines for something to go wrong?”

Lucie meanwhile is growing frustrated by the boundaries imposed on her relationship with Tommy.

During a chat with the girls, she insists: “I’m not going to stop talking to him or stop acting like I did before around him, because I think that’s not really fair. It’s not normal. I don’t know if it’s him or her that’s come to this agreement. It’s weird to put an agreement on a friendship.”

An annoyed Lucie then complains in the beach hut: “The fact that there’s boundaries on the friendship now between me and Tommy just annoys me more so I feel like I just want to go and talk to him more now because that’s just how I am which is bad, but I think that’s just weird.”


Is Lucie about to throw a major spanner into Tommy and Molly-Mae’s blossoming romance?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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