Love Island 2019: Elma Pazar admits she lied about her age to get on the show

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Eliminated Love Island contestant Elma Pazar has admitted she lied about her age to get on the show.

Elma was booted from the villa last week and recently spoke to Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on the Love Island Morning After podcast about her time in the villa.


During the chat, she confessed to not being completely truthful about herself.

"I lied about my age on Love Island. I tell everyone I'm 23, it's a real issue," she revealed.

Elma then shared: "I'm 26 but now everyone knows it because they said they couldn't lie for me."

Also on the latest podcast, Joe Garratt spoke about his feelings for Lucie Donlan.

The pair were coupled up before Joe was kicked out of the villa last week alongside Elma.

Host Kem asked Joe: "How's it been watching Lucie in there? Cos we spoke about it and you said if all things they said about you were true and you were controlling, you would've told her to leave, but you didn't and you was a gentleman about it."


Joe relied: "Yeah course, she's gone in there for an experience of a lifetime and everyone deserves to kinda get that, so yeah it's nice to kinda see her having a good time and enjoying everything."

Kem added: "So where does it lay with you now? Obviously she's in there and she said in last night's episode that she's kind of not, she's obviously really likes you but she's stayed in there for the experience. Are you waiting for her now?"

Joe said: "Yeah I'm still knocking about, still waiting."

Arielle then quizzed: "And what if she hooks up with someone, I'm sorry I have to ask... cos it's Love Island, would you be genuinely upset if she hooks up with someone else?"


Joe admitted: "Yeah obviously I really like the girl."

A fresh episode of 'Love Island: The Morning After' is available the morning after each show (Monday - Saturday) hosted by Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on all podcast platforms.

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