Love Island 2019: Yewande may LEAVE over Arabella and Danny love triangle

Tonight's Love Island spoilers

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Yewande Biala contemplates leaving Love Island 2019 tonight over her love triangle with Arabella Chi and Danny Williams.

In tonight's episode, Yewande is left less than impressed after Danny has shown an interest in Arabella despite telling her that this head couldn’t be turned.


Yewande decides to speak to both Danny and Arabella about their current love triangle, telling Danny: “Arabella came and had a chat with me and she said that you both have agreed you have an undeniable connection and you both want to continue getting to know each other?”

Danny says “I just said it was a really good date and that she would get on really well with everyone in the villa.”

Yewande replies: “But you told me that you wanted to progress things with me.

"You failed to mention that you want to get to know her even though you already told me that you’re not interested in getting to know anyone else. Am I right or am I wrong?”

Yewande continues: “Did you or did you not say that no matter who walked in your head wouldn’t be turned?”

Danny says “Yes. I said that.... She came in and we had a really good date and I can’t deny that.”


Yewande then asks Danny “What do you want from me? I don’t really get it. Do you know what you want?”

Danny responds: “I want me and you to continue talking and I don’t want it to be awkward. In regards to Arabella, I just want to get to know her. That’s it.”

Danny asks Yewande: “Can I ask what you want?”

Yewande says “It’s hard for me to know what I want knowing I am now in competition with someone else.”

The next day, Yewande is still upset and speaks with Amber and Anna on the terrace.

Anna asks Yewande “What did you wake up thinking?”

Yewande says “At first, I thought ‘I can do this’ and then now I don’t really want to be here and I want to go home.”

Anna reacts: “You’re going to let him win by going home!”


While Yewande contemplates her future in the villa, Arabella wants to speak with Danny and see where his head is at.

In a chat with Danny, Arabella says: “I think you need to make a decision.

"If she comes down today and starts fighting for you, what are you going to do? Are you going to ignore the fact that there is a connection with us?”

Danny declares: “No. She knows that I want to get to know you more. I don’t want to fall out with her.”

Arabella then asks: “But do you want to patch things up with her romantically?”

Danny responds: “I don’t know. What are you thinking?”

Arabella admits: “I want to pursue things with you.”

Danny says “You want me to say to Yewande ‘this isn’t happening’?”

Arabella reveals: “Yes. In an ideal world.”


What will become of this love triangle?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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