Britain's Got Talent 2019 week eight RECAP! Final audition results and judges' picks

Who's through to the BGT live shows? Catch up with the latest

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Britain’s Got Talent’s 2019 auditions tour wrapped with shock appearances from Theresa May and Ant and Dec (sort of) – before the judges made some tough choices on Deliberation Day.

After weeks of weird and wacky talent, tonight’s instalment of the ITV variety extravaganza saw the final try-outs of series thirteen.

There was enough time to squeeze in performances from two more dance groups and the ‘One Direction of magic’.

But just when Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams thought nothing else could surprise them, they were stunned when the last act featured three familiar faces.

The hilarity didn’t last long, however, as soon they faced the daunting challenge of putting forty acts through to the live show – and sending scores more packing.

Catch up with the latest action from episode eight in our recap below…

The Auditions

Kath Thompson
Kath Thompson

Kath Thompson (4 yeses) – This year Britain’s Got Talent opened with the Queen, so it’s fitting that the auditions ended with her head of parliament. Kath turned up dressed as our now-outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, imitating her infamous ‘Dancing Queen’ moment from last year’s Tory Party conference. She then stripped down to a leotard and waved around both UK and EU flags, something you probably won’t be seeing the real Theresa doing anytime soon. The rather bonkers performance went down well with the panel. “The fact that you’ve chosen our show, I think’s amazing. I really appreciate you Theresa for doing that, it means an awful lot,” quipped Simon. “If this doesn’t solve Brexit, I don’t know what will,” joked David.

John Archer (4 yeses) – Comedy magician John had a bit of a wobble as he introduced himself, explaining that he’d entered BGT to face his fears and make his wife and kids proud after missing precious family moments over 23 years of gigging. He did them proud with an amusing trick, in which he asked David to choose a drink from a supposedly random pack of cards – having secretly swapped them for a pack that all read ‘orange’. When David somehow picked ‘cola’, the bottle of Fanta John had in his bag mysteriously transformed in to Coke. “They don’t make them like this anymore,” remarked Simon. Amanda compared the 58-year-old to Tommy Cooper, while David added: “Some comedians just exude comedy, and you’re one of those people.”


KNE (4 yeses) – KNE is a dance group with a twist: their frontman Kyle also sings. He fooled the judges by beginning a rendition of Adele’s ‘Hello’ that seemingly went wrong, only for his teammates to join him onstage, showing off their high-energy dance moves. Kyle continued to flex his vocals as their routine reached its conclusion. “I think Simon has found his dream dance act. He keeps saying, everytime we get good dancers, can they sing? You did, and you did it well,” Alesha revealed. Simon, however, did have a slight reservation: while he gave KNE a “big fat yes” and praised their “sense of humour”, he also suggested: “A little bit of the choreography was a little boyband-ish, I think you’re better than that.”

4MG (4 yeses) – 4MG drew an instant comparison to One Direction from Amanda – but Simon’s prediction that they would sing or dance was way off the mark. The teen lads are in fact magicians, each of whom performed a different card trick with one of the judges. Their showpiece involved what they consider the “biggest mystery of all”; somehow the card Simon chose at random ended up in a sealed, unopened deck trapped within a glass bottle. The quartet concluded by taking off their jackets, revealing T-shirts that had been emblazoned with the judges’ cards all along. “You’re like the boyband of magic! It was dazzling,” summed up David. “You’re very unique, the whole thing from start to finish presentation-wise was incredible,” added Alesha.

Funky Feet (4 yeses) – Liverpudlian dance troupe Funky Feet had no problem filling the stage with their Little Mix-themed routine, starting off with seven members – who multiplied in to goodness-knows-how-many when the theatre plunged in to darkness. As Simon pointed out, that might make splitting the £250,000 prize tough, but they have grand plans to buy a tour bus, “just like the Spice Girls”. David described their moves as “fierce”, while Alesha enjoyed their “burst of female empowerment”. Simon was also impressed, but advised them to “come up with something that will surprise us, and even you” should they make the live shows.

Disco Dogs (4 woofs) – There’s few better ways to round off the auditions than a dog act – but this one didn’t exactly involve animals. Disco Dogs threw a mini-party in the theatre, complete with pop tunes, confetti and balloons bouncing across the audience. Even the judges got involved, donning droopy ears and dog masks. “It was completely bonkers and completely Britain’s Got Talent,” observed David. “This is the sort of thing my son Eric would love,” commented Simon. But these weren’t just any humans in dog costumes – with the trio soon revealing themselves to be Ant, Dec and More Talent frontman Stephen Mulhern! As the panel stood open-mouthed at the unexpected prank, Ant exclaimed: “We did it! After all these years!”

Disco Dogs

Deliberation Day

With the fun of the auditions over, the judges then had to tackle the tough job of deciding who to keep and who to cut.

Five acts – Akshat Singh, Chapter 13, Flakefleet Primary, Giorgia Borg and Kojo Anim – had nothing to worry about, as the Golden Buzzer guaranteed them all places in the semi-finals.

For the scores of other hopefuls who got yesses, however, it was straight to the London Palladium to find out their fates on Deliberation Day.

“In thirteen years, I don’t think it’s ever got any easier,” remarked Amanda, the only judge who has been present throughout every series.

John Archer

“We’ve got to make the right decision, we need to find a great winner,” added David.

After hours of discussions and clashes among the panel, they called groups of contestants to the stage for their verits.

Those who were successful include dog act Dave and Finn, harpist Ursula Burns, the Queen, illusionist X, roller skaters Rosie and Adam, singer Mike McMullan – and, from tonight, John Archer.

“I didn’t think I’d even get yesses, it’s ridiculous. I could rule the world, I think I’m gonna be king!” smiled the comic.

Hilariously, Her Maj (a.k.a. drag act Gerry Connolly) couldn’t make it, instead sending one of her guards with a message, telling the judges: “Frankly I have more important things to do than stand in your presence!”

Meanwhile, acts who sadly didn’t make it include Isle of Wight enthusiast Derek Sandy, Disney duo Katherine and Joe, and keytar player Russell T. Bird.

“What can I say, that’s how it goes sometimes,” mused Derek.

“I’ll get there another way. That’s me, I don’t give in,” added Russell.

Click here to read the full list of 45 acts who will be competing in the live shows.

Britain’s Got Talent goes live on Monday night at 7.30pm on ITV, when nine semi-finalists will compete for public votes.

More Talent airs every night on ITV2 immediately after the main show.

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