Sam and Billie Faiers' Mummy Diaries start date confirmed for new series

Sam and Billie Faiers' Mummy Diaries 2019 air date for series 6

The Mummy Diaries 2019 sam billie

Sam and Billie Faiers' Mummy Diaries is back this month on ITVBe.

The reality show follows sisters Sam and Billie Faiers in their day to day family lives with their partners and children.


It began as a one-off series with Sam as she welcomed son Paul in The Baby Diaries, before Billie joined with her daughter Nelly in 2016.

Now a brand new series has been confirmed to begin on Wednesday, September 11 at 9PM on ITVBe.

After the wedding of the decade on the tropical paradise of The Maldives, where Billie finally became Mrs Shepherd, it’s back to regular life as the sisters juggle the work/life balance that comes with their hectic schedule.

The new seven-part series sees the families going from strength to strength, as the girls land a huge television advert deal and Sam finally confronts a disorder that has been with her for two decades, trichotillomania.

Daughter Rosie saddles up for her new hobby, horse riding and even enters her first competition. Little Paul and Rosie get their first job together as the faces of a new children’s clothing range for huge high street retailer. Big Paul takes Sam on a romantic punt down the Thames and then whisks her off to Venice for their 5th anniversary.

Meanwhile over at the Shepherds, Billie and Greg get their first job together opening a new ride at a theme park and try to implement a digital detox to the house, with mixed results.

Nelly’s star is on the rise and Billie goes big for her 5th birthday, taking over a farm and inviting 100 people. The family spend the summer in Marbella, try potty training Arthur and finally get glamorous, single Mum Sue, set up on a dating app.

The new series will feature the rest of the Faiers family including, Dad Dave and Sam’s mother-in-law, Nanny Gaynor. Viewers will see the Faiers sisters travel to exclusive sun-soaked destinations as they juggle Motherhood with life in the public eye.

The show is set to continue until at least 2021, the Daily Mail newspaper reports.

A source told the tabloid earlier this year: "ITV have recommissioned The Mummy Diaries until at least 2021 in a mega bucks deal for the girls."

The Mummy Diaries airs on ITVBe and you can catch up on ITVHub.