Britain's Got Talent 2019 auditions recap: Latest results from episode three

Who is Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer act? Catch up with this week's show

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A barmy harp player, a kooky comedian and Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer act were among the highlights in the third week of Britain's Got Talent 2019 auditions.

Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams cycled to work for the latest episode of the ITV talent contest.


The fresh air and exercise seemed to go to Simon's head, however, as he ended up putting himself in the line of fire for a dangerous knife-throwing act.

Meanwhile, a throat singer and a sound healer baffled the panel, and a stage star returned to the spotlight after a tragic loss.

Catch up with all the results from tonight's episode below…

Dave and Margaret

The Yeses

Margaret and Dave (4 yeses) - Married couple of almost four decades Dave and Marg pulled the age-old trick of fooling the panel. Just when their slow dance to 'Somethin' Stupid' was sending the audience to sleep, they ripped off their plain brown jackets to reveal their gladrags and begin a lively routine to 'Proud Mary'. At the end, Dave even slid under his wife's legs and produced what were supposedly her knickers! While Alesha and Amanda were clearly getting their life, a rather grumpy-looking Simon wasn't sure what to make of the performance. Eventually he decided to give the couple their fourth yes, commenting: "It wasn't Swan Lake… but I prefer it to Swan Lake!"

Ursula Burns (4 yeses) - Ursula comes from a family of traditional musicians, and has been playing the harp professionally for 25 years, claiming it was her "fate". However, any expectations of a tame audition went out the window when she suddenly threw her chair to the side of the stage and laid down with her stringed instrument, playing Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'. She kept changing positions when singing the lyric "if I just lay here", leaving the Palladium crowd in stitches. Alesha reacted: "I nearly said 'no' halfway though, but by the end I just thought, 'This lady is barking mad in the best way possible. She's getting off with a harp, and I need to get me some of that!'"

Gomonov Knife Show.
Gomonov Knife Show

Gomonov Knife Show (4 yeses) - BGT's unlucky thirteenth series is unsettlingly turning out to be the year of danger. We've already had burly blokes balancing on swords and an escape artist setting himself on fire - and now they've got competition from Andrei Gomonov. The Belarusian took the terrifying talent of knife-throwing up a level by mounting the judges' desk to hurl daggers towards the stage, before his unflinching assistant was then strapped to a wheel and covered up, leaving him to blindly throw knives at her as she spun. In a moment of madness, Simon then volunteered - yes, willingly - to be Andrei's target, and lived to tell the tale. "I wanted to feel what it's like. It was terrifying," explained the media mogul.


Jayson Stilwell (4 yeses) - The judges hoped for the best when Jayson announced he'd be covering the classic Disney track 'When You Wish Upon A Star'. What they got, however, was an utterly bizarre rendition with squeaky sounds at the end of each line. "Are you doing this as Kermit?" wondered Simon as he interrupted the performance. As Jayson continued his bonkers throat-singing, hosts Ant and Dec slowly creeped out to join him on stage, hilariously mimicking the movements of his mouth. "I think if you were to go through, you should dress up as a frog," smirked Simon. "You're like a human didgeridoo," Amanda added.

Barbara Nice.
Barbara Nice

Barbara Nice (4 yeses) - Janice Connolly is already a well-known name on the comedy circuit, and now she's entered her first ever talent competition as character Barbara Nice ("Barbara as in Streisand, Nice as in the biscuit"). Barb joked about how she owns 49 bags-for-life, so "should never die", and boasted about her £4.99 designer dress from CPL (Cats Protection League). She even inadvertently buzzed herself when she crowdsurfed towards the judges' desk and hit David's button. "I was almost too frightened to laugh, because every single word was hysterical," complimented Amanda. "You are a comedy whirlwind," said David. "I feel like tonight we watched as a star was born."

Brian Gilligan (4 yeses) - Stage performer Brian had appeared in West End shows, but his career ground to a halt following the devastating death of his brother. "Since then it's been a struggle just to build my confidence up," he explained. Finally ready to take a leap of faith, he decided BGT was the right platform for a comeback - and his performance of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ from A Star Is Born was met with rave reviews from the panel. "You sing with such passion and intensity, it's really compelling," noted David. "It was so delicate. You drew us all in. You did it justice," gushed Alesha.

Brian Gilligan.
Brian Gilligan

The Nos

Steve Best (4 nos) - There's nothing more awkward on BGT than a comic's jokes failing to land, and unfortunately that's what happened to poor Steve. To his credit, the 51-year-old remained upbeat as he pushed ahead with his routine, but other than a few token titters from David, it was met with very little reaction from the theatre either way. "I always go from the audience reaction. For whatever reason, it's one of those nights," mused Simon. "I'm really, really gutted that it didn't work out for you," sympathised David.

Eeshi-Ra Hart (4 nos) - Eeshi-Ra travels around working as a sound healer, helping people "heal naturally" through the medium of sound frequency. However, if there's one sound that doesn't heal, it's the piercing BGT buzzer. "I'm going to tune in with the love that's present," she said. "Yeah, good luck with that," joked David. Needless to say, her bell-ringing was met with chants of "off, off, off", and all four judges soon hit their red buttons and sent her home. "So were you feeling the love?" asked David. "The bell I liked!"

Akshat Singh
Akshat Singh

The Golden Buzzer

Akshat Singh (Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer) - Akshat confidently proclaimed he was going to "rock" the Palladium as he faced the judges, telling them he has two life mottos: to make everyone happy, and prove that nothing is impossible. He more than lived up to his goals with a slick dance routine set to Nicki Minaj hit 'Starships', which had the crowd roaring with applause and the judges on their feet. "I was not expecting that!" gasped Simon. "You threw some amazing shapes, and then you did the splits!" exclaimed Amanda.

Just when they were about to take a vote, Ant and Dec ran up to the desk and slammed the Golden Buzzer, sending Akshat straight through to the live shows. The duo congratulated him as shiny confetti fell around them. "I love him! Can we keep him?" grinned Dec. The Mumbai teenager was beaming as he headed backstage, saying he felt "superb".

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