More on Sky's new slimming realty series 'Bigger Than Britney'


The thought of watching overweight pop star look-a-likes try out the diets and exercise regimes of the people they impersonate is, to us, brilliant trashy telly. Fortunately, someone somewhere agrees and has created new Sky Living series 'Bigger Than Britney', which will do exactly that.

We first spoke about Sky Living's Bigger Than Britney last week, when news first emerged in The Sun.

Now Sky have provided us with a few more details on what the show is all about! The "factual entertainment" series will document the trials and tribulations of the hopefuls as they attempt to slim down to look as much like their idols as possible.

Each week will feature a different celebrity lifestyle from stars including Beyoncé, Britney, Lady GaGa, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole. The ladies taking part will undergo a strict diet and exercise regime as preferred by their chosen celebrity and see how successful they really are.


The series will attempt to examine the truth behind these extreme lifestyles; looking at how an ordinary person can achieve the results without the bank balance of a superstar. Using similar slimming and keep-fit techniques as the stars, the each show will document the true effect on and reactions from the lookalikes to their new regimes.

A team of experts will follow the contenders during their efforts, monitoring and judging their progress. At stake for the women who most effectively transforms herself into her idol will be a potentially lucrative contract with a talent agency.

"Sky Living HD breathes some sparkle into the traditional TV weight loss genre, with celebrity takeout for the viewer and life changing opportunities for those that take part," Mark Sammon, Head of Factual Entertainment, Sky, said. "I can't wait to help our overweight contestants achieve their dreams of slimming down into the perfect Britney, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce or Lady Gaga."

Bigger Than Britney will air later this year on Sky Living.

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