UK's 'fattest pop star lookalikes' to slim down in new reality show 'Bigger Than Britney'

Cheryl Cole

Telly bosses at Sky seem to have outdone themselves with this new realty show. The programme, with a working title of 'Bigger Than Britney' will see the nation's "fattest popstar lookalikes" shed the pounds in a new sliming show, where they'll follow the diets of the stars they try to emulate.

Lookalikes including global star Beyoncé, US legends Britney and Lady GaGa and even our very own Cheryl Cole will take part in the series. The wannabes will copy the workout and diet routines of their idols and the show will see which celeb diet really does work the best!


A show source told The Sun: "It's a slimming show with a difference - or a lookalike show with a difference, whatever you like, really.

"The idea is that a fat lookalike could well be even more of a lookalike if it weren't for the extra lard.

"We want people who want to slim down in a sensible way as the idea is they will be able to keep the weight off for good."

The source added: "It's not just a case of point and laugh at fat people. It will attempt to lift the curtain on celeb diets."

The show is set to air on Sky Living next year and, secretly, we can't wait!

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