I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp buried with rats in his last Bushtucker Trial

Three finalists celebrate their final night in the jungle with a luxury last supper

I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp buried with rats in Danger Down Under Trial

Harry Redknapp well and truly conquered his fear of rats after being sealed in an underground chamber for his last I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial.

As is tradition on the last day of the ITV jungle show, all three finalists each had to face their own classic Bushtucker Trial to win a delicious last supper.


Emily Atack donned the dreaded perspex helmet in Fill Your Face, while John Barrowman joined the ranks of celebs that faced the Bushtucker Bonanza.

That left Harry to enter the terrifying coffin in endurance challenge 'Danger Down Under'.

The football manager had to lie flat on his back in an underground chamber and strap himself in.

I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp buried with rats in Danger Down Under Trial

Once the lid was closed, he had to remain in position for five minutes, with each minute earning him one star.

The first three stars represented desserts for the lavish feast, while stars four and five earned Harry his own drink and treat.


"When you get to my age, that don’t look great," he laughed as hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby instructed him to get in the chamber.

Being a Bushtucker Trial, Harry wasn't going to be alone. As soon as his starting klaxon sounded, cockroaches, crickets and mealworms were released into the confined space.

However, the creepy crawlies weren't his only company - and he soon faced his greatest fear when rats began crawling in.

The 71-year-old initially wasn't aware of what was around him, as he'd been keeping his eyes closed.

"What is that? I don’t like him, I don’t think he likes me either," he asked. "He’s going up my shorts, he won’t find a lot up there."

Dec eventually confirmed he'd been joined by a whopping 80 rodents.

“Oh don’t, I hate rats," Harry squirmed. "I’m scared of rats, don’t let one go up my leg please.

I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp buried with rats in Danger Down Under Trial


"Argh, he’s scratching my face. Oh my god, there’s so many!"

Dec and Holly did their best to reassure him, but he continued squirming as an intruder approached his ear.

"It’s just gone in my bloody ear," he remarked. "It’s gone in my ear, I swear!"

Harry endured all five minutes and successfully completed the Trial, earning the five stars on offer.

On the ground, I'm A Celeb's famous Medic Bob checked his ear and found a cricket, which was swiftly removed.

"That really was all your nightmares come true," observed Holly.

Meanwhile, Dec congratulated him on lasting the duration of the series.

"It’s been a great experience, I’ve loved it," Harry smiled.


"My mates all said 'you won't last two days Harry', that I’d miss my family and football. I'm still here today!"

Having won all fifteen stars available to them, Emily, John and Harry were able to celebrate their last night in the jungle with a full final feast.

After three weeks surviving on rice, beans and bush tucker, they were able to order anything they wanted to eat.

Emily enjoyed a whole baked camembert, a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries, peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, with two glasses of wine to drink.

John had pepperoni pizza, fish and chips, a fudge sundae and a cheese board, washed down with vodka and soda.


Harry wolfed down salt and pepper calamari, spicy penne arrabiata with chips and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, alongside a glass of Bailey's and a glass of wine.

Dec and Holly will reveal the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2018 in the series finale later tonight on ITV.

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