I'm A Celebrity 2018: John Barrowman eats a GOAT EYE in the Bushtucker Bonanza

Torchwood star joins ranks of celebs who faced the finale eating Trial

I'm A Celebrity 2018: John Barrowman faces the Bushtucker Bonanza

John Barrowman chewed on GOAT EYE and bull penis as he joined the ranks of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! finalists who took on the Bushtucker Bonanza eating Trial.

As is tradition on the ITV jungle show, each of the top three campmates had to face separate Bushtucker Trials on their last day.


After Emily Atack donned the dreaded Fill Your Face helmet, it was John's turn - but to win a luxury dinner, he first had to eat a disgusting lunch.

In the classic Bushtucker Bonanza challenge, the Torchwood star faced five rounds, each involving two wildly different dishes.

One would be a delicious traditional food from home, the other would be a vomit-inducing jungle delicacy.

Each time he chose and consumed the disgusting option, he'd earn a star.

The first three stars represented main courses at the finalists' slap-up last supper, while the last two were worth his own drink and treat.


Oddly, John claimed this was the challenge he'd been looking forward to the most.

"There’s no question, I’ve come this far I’m not going to say no to anything now," he told presenters Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby.

"This is the one I’ve always dreamed of doing!"

First, he was offered his favourite meal, macaroni cheese - or two slimy beach worms.

Unravelling the critters, he gasped: "Oh my God, is that just one?"

He screamed as he ate the worms, but downed them successfully, claiming they taste "like s**t".

Round two was a choice between fillet steak and double baked crispy chips - or a dead water spider.

"Just to clarify, it’s the whole spider," Dec helpfully explained.


"It’s even got its web juice in there," John observed.

After he'd swallowed the arachnid, he revealed: "The whole web ass exploded in my mouth and that was horrible."

I'm A Celebrity 2018: John Barrowman faces the Bushtucker Bonanza

Next, John opted for a goat eye over another of his favourites, a kebab.

"It tasted a little bit goaty," he quipped. "I don’t like this restaurant by the way!"

He then feasted on a fermented duck egg instead of an Aperol Spritz, which Holly jokingly asked the ranger to leave in her dressing room.

"It tasted like an egg that came out the duck’s rectum rather than the regular bit," he commented.

Finally, John made the tough decision of passing on a sticky toffee pudding - for a bull penis.


"I knew you were going to give me a penis!" he laughed.

As he'd eaten all five nasty bush tucker dishes, John won all five stars.

Telling Holly which had been the worst, he said: "Taste wise, the fermented egg. The hardest to eat was the spider because it exploded."

"Maybe don’t think about it," she suggested.


"But you are asking me questions!" smirked John.

The winner of I'm A Celebrity 2018 will be revealed in the series finale later tonight on ITV.

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