I'm A Celebrity 2018: Emily Atack fills her face in her last ever Bushtucker Trial

Inbetweeners star donned dreaded perspex helmet to help win finalists' last supper

Emily Atack's head was surrounded by a mealworms, cockroaches and scorpions in her last I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial, 'Fill Your Face'.

Yesterday, Emily, Harry Redknapp and John Barrowman found out they'd reached the ITV survival contest's grand final.


As is tradition on the last day in the jungle, they each had to face one of the show's most iconic Trials.

They weren't playing for bushtucker, however, as each challenge was worth one course for their lavish last supper.

First, hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby informed Emily she'd be donning the infamous Fill Your Face helmet.

"I feel like someone is winding me up," she smirked.

"It’s like a really weird dream, I’ve ticked off everything on my jungle bucket list."


As soon as Emily was sealed in the large perspex globe, it would be filled with terrifying critters for her to endure.

After each minute, she'd win one star - and another critter would arrive in the helmet.

A total of five stars were up for grabs, meaning she had to endure a maximum of five minutes.

The first three stars were worth the starters at the finalists' dinner, and the other two were worth her own drink and treat.

Once she was in position, Emily exclaimed: "I’m just surprised my big head fits in here!"

She then pursed her lips in a bid to close her nostrils. "I don’t want things to go up my nose," she explained.

First, rangers covered her head in a kilo of mealworms and 2,000 crickets - but not all of them stayed in the helmet.


"They are biting my nipples!" she squealed. "I need a glass of wine after this!"

The second round saw 3,000 cockroaches added to the mix, followed by four yabbies and four giant burrowing cockroaches in round three.

"You can do this Emily, take yourself to that happy place," encouraged Holly.

"I want my mum! Christmas, Christmas," The Inbetweeners actress muttered.

The fourth and fifth critter dumps saw Emily joined by 20 scorpions and 15 large spiders.

The arachnids freaked her out by crawling over her face, but she toughed it out for the full five minutes, winning all five stars.

As she brushed off the bugs, Holly did her best to help by flicking them away with a cue card.


"Oh my God, they are all in my swim suit," Emily shrieked. "This is hell, the things I do for a pint!"

Dec and Holly will reveal the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2018 in the series finale later tonight on ITV.

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