I'm A Celebrity 2018: James McVey thinks some campers are acting up

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James McVey took aim at some of his fellow I'm A Celebrity campers in tonight's show.

In this evening's episode, Emily Atack, John Barrowman and Fleur East were messing around singing silly songs when Harry said: “Do you know what, I don’t understand a f***ing thing you are talking about.”


John reassured him: “Can I tell you something Harry, we don’t know what we are talking about.”

In the Bush Telegraph James said: “Harry and I are on the same wavelength. John, Emily and Fleur are very energetic, singing and dancing whereas Harry and I just sit in the background and have a little chat.”

Later, James had a heart to heart with Harry Redknapp.

Talking to Harry in camp James said: “Now Nick has gone I can’t call it.” Harry said: “I’ve got a feeling you are going to win it and I hope you do because you just get on with it.”

Covering his microphone so as not to be heard James said: “I don’t like to be mean but there’s quite a few actors, people who are acting, people are singing for camera and I’m just here like this is me, I don’t want to show off. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes.”

Harry nodded: “When they talk about things they get up and sing and dance. Emily’s all this screaming.”

Agreeing James said: “This show will be amazing for Emily and Fleur it will really help their careers. If it is us in the final, we’ll tick on and whatever happens, happens.”


In the Bush Telegraph, James said: “Losing Nick for me was a catastrophic blow, he was who I would look to for guidance but Harry being here has kept me sane and now there’s fewer of us in camp I can have as much Harry time as I desire, which happens to be quite a lot.”

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV at 9PM.

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