I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp shocked by how much James McVey earns

Sporting legend "can't believe" The Vamps star makes less than "s**t footballers"

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Harry Redknapp was shocked when I’m A Celebrity 2018 co-star James McVey revealed that he makes less in a year than "s**t footballers" can make in a month.

As a member of The Vamps, James has sold out arena shows and topped the official album chart.


However, the guitarist revealed yesterday that the band’s success hasn’t made him as well-off as some might think.

During the celebs’ discussion about their dream cars, James admitted: “I would love a Range Rover but I just can’t afford one.”

The revelation stunned Harry, who said: “I can’t believe it.

“I just thought you are at the O2 and you’d be making millions and millions.”

However, James explained that is definitely not the case.

“People don’t realise the money associated. For example our best year was when I was 19,” he explained.


“The band made four million. Now there’s four of us in the band, and I pay 45% tax, 20% to our management and our record label takes 10%.

“In my best year ever I earned 250, that’s the most I’ve ever earned in a year.”

The 24-year-old continued: “Now I’m on 150k a year and so I can’t afford to get a really lovely car.

“I’ve got a second hand car that was like 30 grand and I traded my old one in for it.

“I’m very happy but ten years ago there was a lot more money in the music industry. Now it’s difficult and unless you are one of the biggest people in the world, there’s not millions and millions.”

Harry compared James’s situation to his own field of expertise, saying: “You are great at what you do, very different to what I thought, very different to football.”


Without naming names, he added: “There are s**t footballers getting 80 grand a week. Half of them can’t play, it’s scary.”

I’m A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV, with Extra Camp straight after the main show on ITV2.

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