I'm A Celebrity 2018: Harry Redknapp wins all five stars in Rep-vile Centre Bushtucker Trial

Football legend encountered lizards and skinks in latest challenge

Harry Redknapp won five meals in the latest I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial after encountering exotic reptiles in the 'Rep-Vile Centre'.

Harry and Emily Atack both volunteered for the challenge after hearing its name, predicting it would involve snakes.


With the encouragement of John Barrowman and James McVey, it was the football manager who got the job.

"Snakes and all that, I don’t get phased by too much to be truthful," he said. "I might do it this time, I normally try to just get on with it if I can."

Harry soon arrived at the Jungle Rep-Vile Centre, where presenters Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby explained his mission.

The centre featured five tanks, each with a star inside representing a meal for camp. He had to reach in to hell holes at the back of each tank to find the magnets required to release the stars.

Bosses gave him ten minutes to make it through all five sections.


"We're all rooting for you," said Holly.

"That means something else in Australia," joked Dec.

The first tank contained frilled dragons, bearded dragons and blue-tongued lizards - while its hell hole was guarded by two Cunningham skinks.

One Harry had retrieved the magnet, he had to use it to slide the star across a shelf.

He moved on to the second tank, which contained jungle pythons and an albino Darwin python.

"You’re a natural with snakes, who knew?" observed Holly.

"There are one or two in football, that’s for sure!" joked Harry. "As long as it doesn’t end up in my trousers I’m happy."


Things got snappy in the third chamber as Harry joined a large crocodile, with baby crocodiles in the hell hole.

He then countered a perentie lizard and a shingleback skink in tank four.

"Bleedin hell, what have we got in here," he wondered.

The final section contained more snakes: carpet pythons in the tank, and water pythons in the hole.

Harry had little problem getting the stars and emerged with the Rep-vile Centre having won all five meals.

"That perentie wasn’t keen on you, was he," Dec noted.

"No he wasn’t, and I wasn’t keen on him either, he whipped me with his tail," replied Harry. "That was the most vicious thing, he definitely wasn’t friendly.

"I’ve not felt like that since I got the cane at school for misbehaving!"

Fleur East greeted Harry as he returned triumphantly to camp, with everyone else enjoying a snooze.

The pair's conversation soon stirred the other celebs, who congratulated him on his full house.


"Bless Harry coming in and not wanting to wake us, he smashed it," smiled Emily Atack.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 continues tomorrow at the slightly later time of 9.10pm on ITV, with the grand final on Sunday at 9.00pm.

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