I'm A Celebrity 2018: Fleur East and Emily Atack bicker over who does the next trial

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Fleur East and Emily Atack went head to head in a bid to tackle the next I'm A Celebrity trial tonight.

Eleven brand new celebrities swapped luxury for life in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle this year and now just six remain.


They are TV presenter Nick Knowles, actor and entertainer John Barrowman MBE, pop star James McVey, football manager Harry Redknapp, comedy actor Emily Atack and singer Fleur East.

In tonight's show, the group were again asked to decide who should take part in the next trial which needed two contestants.

James, Emily and Fleur all said they were keen to do the task, as James hadn’t done a trial in a few days they all agreed he should be one of the camp mates. Nick suggested they draw straws for Emily and Fleur, Harry said he had a stone in his hand and they should do hands.

“No, because you’ll swap it because you’ll want Fleur to do it” said Emily. “I won’t, why?” said Harry. “Don’t be silly, he wouldn’t cheat like that.” said Nick. “I won’t swap it” said Harry as he held his hands out for Emily to pick, she picked the wrong hand which meant Fleur and James would be doing the Bushtucker Trial for camp.

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Emily said “I kicked up a stink didn’t I?! I was like, no, I wanna do it, it’s because it’s my time of the month, I’m being vile.”

James and Fleur in end went down to the trial area to meet Holly and Dec.


Meanwhile, the celebs reacted to Anne's exit in last night's results.

As they said their goodbyes Nick said he was happy for Anne: “She battled through everything, she’s a lovely person and although I was sad to see her go I was pleased for her.”

Fleur observed: “The person who left the jungle today is a completely different woman than I started off with and I think she’ll look back at her time and be really chuffed with herself.”

After waving off Anne, Emily said she couldn’t believe that she was still in the jungle.

After Anne’s departure Harry noticed there was a dip in Harry’s bed so Nick went off and retrieved Anne’s mattress to make him more comfortable.

With his bed padded up with mattresses John said: “Harry is now the Princess and the Pea, the story of that is that the mattress were higher.”

Harry replied: “I’ve got a water bed at home, I’ve had it a long time, I had bad back problems and it’s been amazing.” He laughed when Fleur asked: “Does it give you good motion in the ocean Harry?”

“I don’t know what to say to that,” he laughed. Nick chipped in: “You can’t do that to Sandra, as if she hasn’t suffered enough.”


“That’s all she needs – I do think me and Sandra are drifting apart,” he joked.

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV at 9PM.

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