I'm A Celebrity 2018: Fleur East, James McVey take jungle driving tests for Dingo Dollars

Celebs failed to earn ANOTHER treat - this time chocolate chip cookies

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The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates failed ANOTHER Dingo Dollar Challenge yesterday after Fleur East and James McVey completed their jungle 'driving tests'.

The intrepid duo set off in to the jungle yesterday to discover that everyone's favourite Aussie shopkeeper Kiosk Kev had set up his own carwash.


"To win the dollars you must drive your best, and pass the Jungle Driving Test," their instructions said.

"When one of you is blind and the other’s the guide, hold on tight for a bumpy ride."

Fleur put on a blindfold and became the driver, with James having to guide her around a course without veering off or knocking obstacles over.

Every slip-up counted as a minor, and if they racked up 12 minors they'd have to start again.

The Vamps star was unable to prevent Fleur from hitting corners as they navigated the track.

To make matters worse, they were sprayed with water and covered in sawdust.


"James' directions were impossible, they were like riddles," claimed Fleur.

"It was difficult to communicate, saying left and right wasn’t enough," added James.

After one unsuccessful attempt, they went back to the start, facing slippery slime on their second attempt.

Eventually they managed to obtain the Dingo Dollars, and they headed from Kev's Carwash to the Outback Shack.

"You look like porridge," remarked James.

"You gonna lick me again?" laughed Fleur, referring to the previous day, when the campmates couldn't resist licking treacle off her.

Faced with a choice of crumpets or chocolate chip cookies, they chose to spend their currency on the cookies.

Back in Croc Creek, it was Rita Simons who picked up the phone and relayed Kev's question. "In the last 12 months, which gender had the highest pass rate in the UK driving test - male or female?" she asked.


Rita thought the answer would be men, but Anne Hegerty reckoned it'd be women.

"I think it’s good to go against one’s gut," commented Anne.

"Not with me, my guts always right in these ones," insisted Rita.

The majority ruled in favour of Anne, submitting women as their guess - but Rita turned out to be right.

Kev shut his shack in James and Fleur's faces, leaving them to complete the walk of shame back to camp.

Eyeing up Fleur, a disappointed Rita asked: "What have you got on you, anything we can eat?"


"Not today," joked the 'Sax' singer.

I'm A Celebrity continues every night at 9.00pm on ITV, with the grand final airing this Sunday.

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