I'm A Celebrity 2018: Emily Atack jokes about marrying Harry Redknapp's son Jamie

Inbetweeners star name drops Paul McCartney as celebs discuss famous family ties

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Emily Atack cheekily joked about MARRYING Harry Redknapp's son Jamie Redknapp as the I'm A Celebrity 2018 campmates discussed their famous family ties.

After Emily, Harry and their partner Nick returned with a full house from yesterday's Bushtucker Trial, the chat by the creek concerned the celebs' nearest and dearest.


Football manager Harry started by discussing his son Jamie, a former Southampton player.

"There are very few footballers who have sons who become footballers. People think it’s in the genes," he said.

"There were never any doubts that he wouldn’t be a footballer, he lived for football it was natural for him."

Rita Simons then namechecked her billionaire uncle, The Apprentice star Lord Sugar.

"It was my intention to be an actor and a performer, which is what I do. How can Alan help me do that?" she pondered.

"Is this Alan Sugar? I only found this out the other day," replied Emily.


"It’s all anyone ever asks me, I’m so surprised you didn’t know," Rita mused.

"I get so many people saying, 'did I get my job on EastEnders because of him' but no, I auditioned for four weeks."

In the Bush Telegraph, the former Roxy Mitchell added: "You can’t give someone a leg up if they are crap."

Meanwhile, Emily told how her whole family is in showbiz - calling them "a bunch of show offs" - but one name stands out in particular.

The Inbetweeners actress is a relative of The Beatles superstar Paul McCartney.

"I don’t think there is a single person in my family who has a real job," she laughed. "Christmas Day is definitely fun.

"I had comments when I was younger saying I’d only get into it because of my family. I’m related to a Beatle for goodness' sake!


She continued: "Paul McCartney is my grandma’s cousin. She essentially helped raise him because his mum died when he was really young.

"He and John Lennon started up their first band in my grandparents' garage. He’s lovely and Stella and Mary are lovely."

The conversation took a sharp turn when Emily enquired about Jamie's relationship status, with Harry confirming he's single.

She joked about "marrying" him, smirking: "Ooh imagine, Emily Redknapp, I bet I'd make a really good daughter in law!"

"You would be fantastic there is no doubt about that Emily," Harry told her.


In the Bush Telegraph, Emily claimed she was only "messing around" - but mimed a telephone and urged Jamie to call her.

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV, followed by Extra Camp on ITV2.

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