I'm A Celebrity 2018: Emily Atack, Nick Knowles, Harry Redknapp win eight meals in Trial

Inbetweeners actress HANDLED live animals in the Wicked Warehouse

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Emily Atack had to HANDLE the critters that covered Nick Knowles and Harry Redknapp in the latest I’m A Celebrity 2018 Bushtucker Trial – with the trio winning all eight meals.

Nick volunteered as soon as the group was asked to choose three celebs to enter the ‘Wicked Warehouse’.


“If you don’t mind, it’s me, I haven’t done one in a while,” he insisted.

John Barrowman, whose foot is strapped up after he sprained his ankle earlier this week, then pointed out that he could take part as he hadn’t been ruled out.

However, as Emily and Harry hadn’t done a Trial in longer, they were picked to join the DIY SOS host.

Emily felt pressure to bring back the bacon, musing: “I need to do well on this, I feel like I don’t do very well on challenges and trials.”

“I don’t know why you think that,” pondered Anne Hegerty, with Fleur East adding: “That’s mad, you’ve always done well.”


“I just feel like it highlights my weaknesses if I have to do something against someone else,” Emily continued.

“There’s a number of things you’ll do better than me, we all have different abilities and skills,” Nick assured her.

At the ‘Wicked Warehouse’, presenters Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby explained that two players would lie down in shipping crates and endure critters being put on on them.

While that sounds like a standard I’m A Celebrity challenge, it came with a dastardly twist.

Instead of the show’s rangers, it was the third celeb that would pack the jungle nasties in to the crates.

” All of the critters will stay in the crates for the duration of the trial,” Dec explained.

Emily agreed to do the packing, leaving Harry and Nick to get in position.

First, she had to place a cane toad on each of their faces. “You’ve just put his foot up my nostril,” shrieked Nick.


“My favourite dinner is toad in the hole,” quipped Harry.

Next, Emily had to transfer a jungle python snake to Nick’s stomach. They are the ones that bit me, oh no,” she said. “I think they recognise me.”

“Amazing that you picked that snake as it’s the one that bit you,” replied Dec.

“Is it?!” she shrieked.

“Nah, only joking,” smirked Dec.

Harry then had to confront one of his fears when she put two rats on his stomach.

“I’m not looking, is it Roland?” he asked. “It might be one of his mates. Oh my god, as long as he doesn’t go up my trouser leg!”


With four stars in the bag, the Inbetweeners actress then had to put two mud crabs by Nick’s feet – a tricky task, as they kept pinching at her.

They were followed by two baby crocodiles at Harry’s feet.

For the final round, Emily was asked to remove a cover at the back of the warehouse – only to discover hunstman spiders underneath.

She had to put one arachnid on each of Harry and Nick’s faces, but she struggled to get hold of them as they kept moving quickly.

“I could never do this in a million years,” observed Holly.

Eventually, she managed to complete the challenge, and the trio were informed they’d won all eight meals on offer.

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“You just need to take everything off and put it back in the box now,” laughed Dec.

Emily was thrilled with the result. “I can’t believe I just did it,” she reacted. “That was harder than I thought, I thought I had the easy job.”

Meanwhile, Harry was thrilled that he’d managed to cope with the rats.


“I was trying not to think about them,” he commented. “That was the one that could have freaked me out, touching them is scary for me.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.

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