I'm A Celebrity 2018: Fleur East reveals she's "obsessed with strip clubs"

Anne Hegerty admits she doesn't feel guilty beating contestants on The Chase

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Fleur East surprised her I'm A Celebrity 2018 campmates yesterday by revealing she's "obsessed with strip clubs" - while Anne Hegerty says she doesn't feel guilty beating contestants on The Chase.

As boredom took hold in the ITV jungle yesterday, Malique Thompson-Dwyer demonstrated how he can touch his toes.


John Barrowman also managed to do so, and triumphantly told the Bush Telegraph: "I’m twice their age and can still do it. Thank you very much!"

Talk turned to sexy dancing when Emily Atack commented that she'd be the "worst pole dancer ever".

John showed off his slut-dropping skills - but when Emily tried the move, she nearly fell into the fire.

"She is just Calamity Em," laughed Fleur in the Bush Telegraph. I think that would be a disaster, pole dancing gone wrong."

"Emily’s pole dancing, whatever you want to call them… she’s bad, she makes these noises like you do after you’ve had a poo," added John.

As Emily kept trying to master the slut drop, Fleur came out with an astonishing confession.


"I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m obsessed with strip clubs, I love them," she revealed. "I like sitting there and watching them.

Sair Khan admitted she was "so surprised" by the 'Sax' singer's taste in entertainment.

"I’ve always loved going to strip clubs, I don’t know why," Fleur continued. "I think maybe it’s because like you shouldn’t be there, the whole thing fascinates me.”

Later, as Emily and John came up with their own heart-shaped handshake, Anne revealed a ritual she has behind-the-scenes on The Chase.

“There’s a thing the Chasers do before the Final Chase," she explained. "We all put out hands in and go, 'batter them'!"

"That’s not unfriendly at all is it?" laughed John.

"We want to win, we want to beat the contestants!" insisted The Governess.

John asked how often the Chasers lose, with Anne claiming it's "about one time in four".

Meanwhile, Emily wondered if she feels bad when she wins and the contestants lose their jackpot.


"No, it’s my job, and it’s their job to beat us," she said bluntly. "They do get a head start, and they get a chance to push us back."

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.

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