I'm A Celebrity 2018: Fleur East wins ten meals in foul 'Gore Seasons Pizza' Trial

'Sax' singer was covered in rotten veg, cheese and fish guts

Fleur East won a ten-star dinner in the latest I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial after she became a 'Gore Seasons Pizza' covered in disgusting toppings.

Fleur had expressed a desire to win meals for her campmates, and yesterday the public granted her wish by voting for her to face the Trial.


Of course, you should be careful what you wish for on the ITV jungle show, and nerves began to take hold after the result was announced.

"Hopefully it’s not too horrific. I really wanted to do a trial and now I’m like, 'argh, help me'!" she exclaimed.

At the challenge clearing, presenters Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby asked Fleur why she thought viewers wanted her to take part.

"I’m holding onto the thought that the public saw I wanted to do trial, so my wish has been granted," she answered.

The duo explained that she would be strapped on to the base of a giant 'Gore Seasons Pizza'.


In each round, a putrid topping would be dumped on her, and she'd have one minute to use her giant rolling pin to smash a pizza-themed piñata dangling overhead.

Successfully opening the piñata would release the two stars inside, each representing one meal.

Of course, being a Bushtucker Trial, there were also jungle critters involved.

First, Fleur was covered in 100kg of rotting tomatoes - and remarkably the starving singer, used to surviving on basic rations, appeared to eat them.

"I’ll take what I can get," she laughed.

As she hacked at a tomato piñata, 20kg of mealworms were tipped on her. Soon enough, she had won the two stars.

im a celebrity trial fleur 13

"That was so difficult," she wheezed.


"I was just exhausted watching you," remarked Holly.

Round two involved 100kg of stinking offal, 20,000 crickets and a sausage-shaped piñata.

"Go on, bash the sausage," joked Dec as Fleur secured another two stars.

The third round featured 100kg of fish guts, 25,000 cockroaches and a piñata resembling a sausage. The 'Sax' singer again won the stars, taking her running total to six.

Next up were 100kg of decaying vegetables and a pepper-shaped piñata.

"What happened to the cheese?" wondered Fleur.

"Hold tight, it might be coming," said Holly.


Indeed, with two more stars in the bag, Fleur was showered with 100kg of rotten cheese for the grand finale.

More mealworms, cockroaches and crickets joined her as she bashed the last piñata.

"Picture Simon Cowell’s face," smirked Dec, referring to her former X Factor mentor - who last night had a cheeky dig at her.

Eventually, Fleur released the last two stars, and she emerged from the mess having won all ten available meals.

"Thank God there’s no smell-o-vision, because I stink," she reacted.

Back in camp, Fleur teased the group that she'd won "one star… for each of your asses".

She told the Bush Telegraph: "I really wanted to test and push myself, that’s what I came here to do, to have the full Jungle experience.


"I’m so happy the public gave me that nudge and a chance to actually do a trial, I’m really pleased."

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV, followed by Extra Camp on ITV2.

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