I'm A Celebrity 2018: Emily Atack sinks her rivals in Immunity Games boating event

Team Koalas takes early lead in battle for safety, with James McVey's Roos in second

Emily Atack got Team Koalas off to a head start in the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Immunity Games after sinking her rivals in a boating lake event.

With the ITV jungle contest's daily eliminations looming, the contestants are now competing to win safety from the first vote-off.


The inaugural event in the Immunity Games saw the group separate in to four opposing teams.

Soon it was down to business proper as they went head-to-head to score crucial points in the hope of topping the leaderboard.

Each team sent one of their members to compete in the second event, which took place at a boating lake.

Emily represented the Koalas, with Malique Thompson-Dwyer playing for Team Galahs.

James McVey stepped up for Team Roos, while Rita Simons took part for the Underdogs, a duo formed by herself and Noel Edmonds after they were snubbed by the other teams.

The four competitiors each had to get in a small boat and use their oar to pour water into a vessel which kept a flag, positioned on the bow, raised.


If the water ran out, the flag would lower and they would be out of the event.

Emily was driven to succeed, vowing: "I’m very determined to win. I want it because everyone thinks I’m useless so I want to win something."

Meanwhile, with dinner only being provided for the team atop the leaderboard, James was eager to win for Harry Redknapp.

"Harry’s not eating much at the moment, so I need to feed Harry," he explained.

Rita tried to throw her rivals off by flicking water at them and claiming a wasp was swarming around Emily.

This led the celebs to start a full-on water fight as they splashed the cold liquid at each other.

However, it backfired on Rita, as she ended up distracting herself and letting her flag down.

Arguing that Harry and the Koalas' Anne Hegerty needed to eat the most, she then convinced Malique to give up.


Soon enough, the remaining challengers' boats started to sink - but Emily was quicker at bailing herself out, and with James first to capsize.

Therefore, Emily claimed victory and won three points for the Koalas.

"Yes we are all one big team, but the team has split off now," she reacted. "I am team Koala and wanted to bring home the bacon."

Rita seemed to regret her tactics, remarking: "I didn’t mean to distract myself in the way I did, I tried to get everyone cold!"

As James was second, the Roos earned two points, with the third-placed Galahs receiving one.


Rita's failure meant the Underdogs didn't receive any points.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV, with the first elimination due to take place this weekend.

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