Nick Knowles, Noel Edmonds catch just five falling stars in latest I'm A Celebrity 2018 Trial

Pair dangled in a cage 20 metres above a lake for highwire challenge

Nick Knowles and Noel Edmonds did their best to 'Catch a Falling Star' in yesterday's highwire I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial - but they only took five back to camp.

Nick was excited after finding out he'd be facing the latest jungle food challenge, vowing: "We’re going to smash this!"


Noel, however, was suffering a confidence crisis. "You’re so loud. Keep it down a bit," he smiled.

When Nick asked how he was supposed to do positivity quietly, Noel realised: "When you put it like that, it does sound a bit… 'we’re going to be incredibly successful but very quiet'."

"I’ve been here with John Barrowman for a week. You’re lucky I’m not singing it to you," laughed Nick.

At the Trial clearing, Noel told hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoughby exactly why he was apprehensive.

"You have combined my two greatest fears: heights and confined spaces," noted the former camp Emperor.


Nick also said he'd be testing two phobias, joking: "One is heights, the other is working with Noel Edmonds!"

In 'Catch a Falling Star', they both had to lie down in a cage suspended 20 metres above a lake - one in the top section, one in the bottom.

As the cage moved along a highwire, the celeb on top had to reach in to hell holes to find the stars among hoardes of critters, before dropping them down to their partner below.

Each star they successfully caught would be worth one meal for camp.

The pair decided that Noel would do the searching and Nick would do the catching.

To make their jobs even harder, 30,000 cockroaches, 30,000 mealworms and 20,000 crickets joined them in their perspex boxes.

The first three hell holes each contained two stars, covered in mealworms, cockroaches and green ants respectively.


However, Nick only grabbed two out of the six, with the others plunging in to the lake.

Meanwhile, Noel suddenly remembered his fears were being tested, panicking: "I’ve just looked down, which was a very, very bad idea."

Hole four featured another two stars among a nest of scorpions, with Nick catching just one of them.

The final three stars were guarded by 20 huntsman spiders, the first of which Nick missed.

But the DIY SOS host managed to save some face when he caught the final two - meaning he and Noel had won a total of five meals.

Back on the ground, Nick expressed frustration at some of his close shaves.

"I’m angry with myself that I was close enough that I felt them touch my forearm or my hand," he admitted.

Noel jokingly teased his partner, before offering some words of reassurance.


"Nick should not beat himself up any more than I should beat myself up for not dropping them correctly," said the telly legend.

The next Bushtucker Trial will be the annual live challenge, airing later in tonight's episode.

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