I'm A Celebrity tears as care packages arrive (but some celebs miss out)

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There were tears on I'm A Celebrity 2018 tonight as celebs won packages from home.

James McVey, Anne Widdecombe and Nick Knowles, arrived at a gladiatorial arena and were faced by 30 terracotta vases perched on podiums of varying height.


James read some instructions. “Welcome to Terror Cotta. You now have the chance to win care packages from home for you and your fellow celebrities. The aim of the game is to smash as many vases as you can by firing rocks from the crossbows.

"There are 30 vases in total. 11 of them represent a care package but the others are worthless. The winning vases are filled with green paint, the others filled with red.”

The group had just 90 shots to try and find the 11 green vases and - as if that wasn't enough - fish guts were poured on them as they started shooting.

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After they had used all their shots, they had successfully smashed 8 green vases, meaning 8 care packages for camp.

It was down to Emperor Noel Edmonds and Advisor Harry Redknapp to decide who would get them in camp. Emperor Noel automatically had his as Emperor.


After much deliberation Emperor Noel and Advisor Harry came down to camp to start delivering the care packages.

Emily got teary when Fleur read out a letter from her sister and then opened her package to find her favourite crisps.

Rita read Malique’s letter from his Mum who also got teary but perked up when he found he’d got his favourite chocolate.

Anne was next and John read a letter from her family and she was surprised to get her favourite crisps.

Sair started to cry before Rita had even had chance to read her letter from her boyfriend Simon, her treat was also chocolate.

John’s letter from his husband Scott was read by Anne and he also had chocolate as a treat.

Emily read Fleur’s letter from her sister and she also started to cry, her treat was chocolate.

James read Rita’s letter from her daughters, her treat was chocolate.


Nick, James and Harry didn’t have care packages.

Emperor Noel said “This is very embarrassing because I’m sorry for the 3 that didn’t get anything because the final care package has to be me. I’d like my Advisor Harry to read this as it’ll stop me getting emotional as he’ll bring a touch of comedy to it.”

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Harry held Emperor Noel’s letter and paused... “I haven’t got my reading glasses”, the camp laughed and Nick gave Harry his glasses so he could read Emperor Noel’s letter from his wife Liz. She ended the letter with the words ‘love is a friendship set on fire and you are my eternal flame’. Noel got teary at this point.

Advisor Harry then made up the final part of the letter “And please share your parcel with Harry” the camp laughed.


Advisor Harry explained to Nick and James that he and Emperor Noel felt they were the strongest in camp and could cope without a care package. Both James and Nick were teary but understood.

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