I'm A Celebrity 2018: John Barrowman wins all the stars in underwater trial

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John Barrowman won all ten stars in his I'm A Celebrity 2018 trial tonight.

The actor was voted for by the public to take part in this evening's latest task, the Scary Rose.


John arrived in the trial area where Holly and Dec explained the task. It was called Scary Rose and John was confronted with a wrecked boat in a pool. Below the water was a jungle shipwreck and hidden inside was some very special treasure in the form of 10 stars.

John had ten minutes to find all of the treasure. Each star that he found would be worth one meal for camp.

There were only two portholes on the deck in which he could catch his breath. And of course, he would be joined in the water by various jungle critters.

“Come on I’m John Barrowman. I’m up for it” he shouted as he started the Trial.

The klaxon sounded and John confidently searched the bows of the ship looking for stars which were hidden in crates, barrels, boxes, crab pots and chests throughout the area. One was even hidden in a kettle.

“It’s a little dark and there’s eels and crabs and everything” he said as Holly and Dec encouraged him.


He continued to search and find the stars, each time securing them in his bag as dropped stars wouldn’t count.

He was joined by 20 crocs, 5 water pythons, 10 water dragons, 40 large eels, 10 mud crabs and 90 yabbies.

The final star was tied to a rope that a water python had wrapped itself around. He finally spotted it and slowly untied the rope, releasing the star.

As the clock ticked down, he made it back to his air pocket with seconds to spare.

He made his way back to dry land and triumphantly counted out his ten stars.

“I will admit that I was a little … its always scary when you do something like this because we’re not used to confined spaces. It’s not something I’d do by choice but I’d say hey lets go diving in a sunken ship with a bunch of animals and snakes . . . and you put a crocodile in. The eels – urgh. I don’t know how Harry is a fan of jellied eels. I just don’t like them.”

He said that he would return to camp and pretend that he hadn’t won stars because “I want to see their faces and see who gets nippy with me.”

But as he returned Rita immediately reacted: “He’s acting."

“The Trial was tough. I arrived and there was a huge swimming pool with a ship in it. Inside there were eels, pythons, shrimp, crabs, all of that and I was hanging on the tank and they said are you ready and I said ready and they said we’ve got a surprise for you and they put in a real large crocodile” explained John.


“It was just awful . . . But I got 10 stars!” he shouted delightedly.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV.

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