Big Brother winner Brian Belo is glad the show is ending

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Big Brother 2007 winner Brian Belo says he’s glad the show is ending.

Big Brother concludes on Monday night after 18 years on UK TV with what’s set to be its last ever series.

And Brian, who won series 8 of the show a decade ago now, is happy its finally over.

Despite being a huge fan of the show when it aired on Channel 4, Brian says he “couldn’t watch” the series that currently airs on Channel 5.

“I couldn’t watch it on Channel 5. I don’t enjoy the show that they’re currently making and I’m one of the biggest fans,” Brian said. “If you’re not going to make it properly then stop making it.”

He told the Metro newspaper in an extensive interview about his time on the show: “I can’t wait for Big Brother to end. No one there realises they’re making such bad television. It’s like, get out the studio and use your brain cells for one second.

“I’m like ‘guys come on, let the show go.’ People just keep on watching the same thing over and over again and it’s gone on for way too long now.”

While Brian is happy to see Big Brother go, hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis are keen for it to be given another revival.

Bit On The Side’s Rylan said earlier this year: “It’s a massive part of my life and I know it can be even better with the right TLC. I’d do everything in my power to make sure CBB and the civilian BB are still on the air.”

He vowed: “I will fight to the death to make sure it never goes away. If I had the money and owned the channel, I would buy the programme and film it in my garden.”

Meanwhile, Emma has also spoken out on the show’s axe.

She said: “The news was a shock, if I’m honest but I kind of still hold out hope that somebody out there loves it as much as we do and gives it a home in the future because it has been on the TV for a bloody long time and you know, it’s part of our popular culture.

“So it would be sad. It would be sad to see its end.”

Big Brother concludes at 10PM on Monday, November 5.

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