Big Brother tells housemates to "f**k it" and QUITS the show

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Big Brother says "f**k it" and QUITS the show in tonight's latest highlights.

After 18 years and 48 days, Big Brother has had enough.


In the final week of the last ever series, he leaves the house after slamming the housemates.

It begins when Big Brother wakes up the housemates and tells them: "Batteries are in the same place they've been in for the last 48 days, someone go get them."

Then in the Diary Room, Big Brother gets sassy with Brooke: "If you've got something to say, Brooke, just spit it out."

They add sarcastically as Brooke reacts in silence: "Full of chat as usual then."

Later, as housemates take a nap, Big Brother interrupts: "This is Big Brother. Housemates have been told numerous times to wake up and stop sleeping."

Big Brother is then 'overheard' saying: "The thing is, we've said this to them but nobody cares. It's just grown bloody adults can't follow ten simple rules.


"I'm just sick of like, baby sitting them, It's torturous. Do you think we should just sod this off... f**k it, let's go."

"They've just quit!" reacts Brooke.

Cian goes to the Diary Room to ask: "Big Brother have you gone away?" but gets no reply.

However, the silence doesn't last for long.

"This is Kim Woodburn," booms in a voice. "You think you've had it easy, well it's not over. I want that place cleaned up."

The Queen of Clean is one of three housemates who replaces Big Brother on his day off, interacting with the housemates and setting them tasks.

Joining Kim are Big Brother winner Josie Gibson and legendary Big Brother housemate Nikki Grahame, who enters the house.

"Is that Nikki?!" reacts Zoe as the Big Brother 7 housemate steps inside.


"This is like so exciting!" says Nikki as she sits down with the group for a chat.

Big Brother 2018's latest highlights air this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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