Big Brother's Cameron Cole goes in the camera runs on a ghost hunt

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Cameron Cole is sent on a ghost hunt in tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights.

It's a Halloween special in tonight's show as housemates are given their final shopping task.


"As Halloween night approaches, you will become Trick or Treaters on a mission to collect as many sweets as possible," Big Brother explains.

The housemates are set a series of spooky challenges, with Cameron and Cian Carrigan sent into the Camera Runs together.

Big Brother tells the housemates: "Big Brother would like to get serious for a moment to reveal the genuine, paranormal events that have occurred in the House, over the sixteen years it has been here."

They add: "For the first time ever, two of you will get to go on a paranormal research mission within the camera runs that surround the house. Will Cameron and Cian come to the Diary room."

There, the pair are told: "Big Brother wishes you the best of luck and hopes to see you again soon. And remember, take care."


Armed with a video camera, Cameron and Cian are sent into the blacked out camera runs in the search for sweets.

But they aren't alone, with a variety of ghosts ghouls and creatures out to scare them away.

"Is that you Rylan?!" quips Cian to one of the ghosts, while Cameron demands to be let back to the main house.

In the Diary Room, he tells Big Brother about the latest paranormal activity he witnessed in the house.

Already convinced the Big Brother compound is haunted, Cameron tells Big Brother: "Once I was in the shower and the electric went off and everything went pitch black and the water went cold. I thought I'd died. I was screaming. I heard full on conversations from an older woman and older man.

"I honestly thought I was between heaven and hell... but then I did eventually find out we just ran out of electric. I know it doesn't sound like a paranormal event but I do feel like it was. Even though we had ran out of electric and that's why everything went black, definitely there was an older woman and older man talking in the living room.


"It definitely sounded like voices I had never heard before."

Big Brother 2018 airs at 10:30PM tonight on Channel 5.

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