Lewis Flanagan breaks silence after his Big Brother exit

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Lewis Flanagan has broken his silence after being removed from Big Brother 2018.

Channel 5 revealed last Friday that Lewis had been removed from the house with "immediate effect."


They said in a short statement: "Lewis has been removed from the Big Brother House for unacceptable language that contravenes the rules. Lewis has left the House with immediate effect."

Lewis' exit played out in last night's (Sunday) highlights show, although exactly what Lewis said to get the boot wasn't revealed.

Lewis himself has now taken to social media, posting a series of videos to his Instagram page.

"Thank you for all the support…and anyone sending me hate…f**k you!” he declared.

Reflecting on his exit, Lewis was just as vague as Big Brother over what happened.

He said simply: “I lost out on facing crowd and being interviewed and seeing my best bits all because of a stupid comment and a slip of a tongue."


Lewis continued: “What I thought I would do is that rather than lying here feeling sorry for myself like I have been doing, I have decided I’m going to watch the show back. I’m going to find my own best bits and try and find some joy in the fact that I was there and I did have a great time.”

In a follow up post on Twitter, Lewis added: "Hi guys, thank you all for the support and love it’s really making this all so much easier. I went on the show to expose myself to step out into my own skin, maybe I was a bit to raw for reality TV but I was true to myself from day 1 and no one can take that away from me ❤️😘🤪"

In scenes that aired in Sunday's show, Lewis told Big Brother in the Diary Room of his mystery comments: "I didn't mean to offend anyone, it was a slip of the tongue. I never once tried to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. It's unacceptable.

"I'm not ashamed of myself because I didn't try to offend anyone, it was just a slip of the tongue."

Lewis, who had been the favourite to win the series up until his exit, added: "Unfortunately for me my bad language and misuse of certain phrases and certain words has exploded in my face. I would apologise to anyone who I've upset.


"I've never meant to upset anyone or hurt anyone's feelings or disrespect anyone from any background or sexuality or race or gender or religion. So yeah, I'm sorry. Obviously I'm going to pay the price."

Big Brother 2018 is back on tonight at 10PM on Channel 5. The final airs a week from today on November 5.

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