What Lewis Flanagan said on Big Brother as he reveals real reason behind removal

Why did Lewis leave Big Brother? What did he say?!

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What Lewis Flanagan said Big Brother 2018 to get removed has finally been revealed.

Channel 5 announced last Friday that Lewis had been kicked out of the house with “immediate effect.”


A spokesperson for Big Brother said: “Lewis has been removed from the Big Brother House for unacceptable language that contravenes the rules. Lewis has left the House with immediate effect.”

Big Brother did not reveal just what Lewis said – and did not air the scenes in Sunday’s highlights show.

However now Lewis himself has finally spoken up to explain all.

“I was talking to Cameron about getting him some outfits and I said the word ‘Auschwitz’ instead of outfits by mistake,” Lewis said in his own words. “It was a slip of the tongue and and then I tried to mock Hitler and did an impression of him saying ‘Kill the Jews’.

“It was an impression not a statement of my beliefs at all – and has come out completely wrong and I’m devastated. I am not anti-Semitic, I am agnostic. I love all people.”

He added in a statement to The Sun newspaper: “It was a misguided comment that came out wrong.”


Lewis went on to say he understood how his “stupid impression” could “be seen as offensive” and commented: “I apologise wholeheartedly and want to move on with my life. I’m trying my best to be a good man.

“I went in to Big Brother to be myself and part of that is I’m not perfect – I’m far from it and I made a mistake and that’s all it was and all I can do now is apologise.”

After sharing a link to the story online, Lewis took to Instagram to confirm the details. He added: “Since I’ve come out, all I’ve wanted to do is to say what I said. Channel 5 didn’t want to release it. I respect their decision. Channel 5 have my best interests at heart. When I got removed, the producers were devastated.

“They’ve watched me everyday so we become really close. They’ve been amazing, the aftercare team has been brilliant… […] I’ve wanted to address the situation because us humans we make mistakes. All we can do is just identify it apologise for it and try not let it happen again.”

Although Big Brother did air what Lewis said and what happened, they did broadcast his exit from the house.

In scenes that first aired on Friday night, Lewis was seen in the Diary Room being told by Big Brother: “Before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable language were explained to you.

“Last night you used language that contravened those rules. As a result, Big Brother has no choice but to remove you from the house.”

Before leaving, Lewis told Big Brother he was “devastated”.

“I didn’t mean to offend anyone, it was a slip of the tongue. I never once tried to offend anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s unacceptable,” he said. “I’m not ashamed of myself because I didn’t try to offend anyone, it was just a slip of the tongue.

“Unfortunately for me my bad language and misuse of certain phrases and certain words has exploded in my face. I would apologise to anyone who I’ve upset.


“I’ve never meant to upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings or disrespect anyone from any background or sexuality or race or gender or religion. So yeah, I’m sorry. Obviously I’m going to pay the price.”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5. The final takes place on November 5.

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