Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan brands Zoe Jones two faced after task twist

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Lewis Flanagan brands Zoe Jones two faced in tonight's Big Brother after a task with a secret twist.

In this evening's show, the latest shopping challenge begins.


It sees the housemates split into prison wardens - Sian, Zoe and Cameron - and inmates - Akeem, Brooke, Lewis, Cian and Tomasz.

"To pass this week's shopping task, the wardens must ensure that prison rules are adhered to by inmates. All inmates should be on their best behaviour at all times," Zoe reads out.

However, unknown to the wardens, the real task revolves around a convict named 'Dirty Dave' who secretly communicates to the prisoners in their cell.

He sets the prisoners various secret tasks which they must complete without the wardens finding out.

And as part of the twist, the prisoners are able to spy on the wardens using a secret TV screen within the jail. It enables the prisoners to both watch and listen to the wardens.

During the task, Lewis overhears Zoe talking about him and isn't too happy with what he hears.


As she says "there's no positives" to his character, he brands her "two faced".

"That's horrible, hearing your friends talk about you like that," says Cian.

Elsewhere, Lewis gets into a row with Cameron over being fed.

"I'm not sitting in here all night with nothing to eat. If I'm not being let out I'm climbing over there and leaving," he complains.

But when Cameron tells him he's free to leave, Lewis snaps: "Just lock the door and f**k off."


After, Cameron concludes: "If there's one thing I've established today is when I leave I'm not doing anything in the police force or prison."

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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