Big Brother 2018: Lewis Flanagan brands Cameron Cole a 'f**king weirdo' after row

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Cameron Cole and Lewis Flanagan locked horns in the Big Brother 2018 house yesterday.

The pair clashed in the bathroom over Cameron's closeness to Akeem Griffiths.


Lewis previously voiced his displeasure with Cameron for spending more time with Akeem, and for saving him over Isabella in Friday's eviction.

Yesterday in the house, Lewis again took aim at Cameron for supposedly ignoring him over the past week.

"When's the last time me and you had a proper conversation?" Lewis confronted Cameron.

Cameron insisted they had spent plenty of time with one another, branding Lewis' thoughts "a bit ridiculous".

"I can't f**king believe you," he added.

But Lewis wouldn't let it go.


"You can have a conversation with Akeem but not with me now?" he asked.

Cameron snapped: "I'm going to sit on my f**king own. It's a f**king waste of time, it really is. You can't do anything in here. You can't have more than one friend. F**k's sake."

As Cameron stormed out, Lewis branded him a "f**king weirdo" with the pair's friendship left at breaking point.

Later on, they try and talk things out at the hot tub.

"It's not from a place of jealousy or possessiveness," Lewis says of his comments, "It's a place of love."

Meanwhile, Lewis came under attack from his fellow housemates after spending the afternoon making annoying noises in the garden.

It followed him complaining about the 'sex talk' in the house and asking for more 'intelligent' conversations.

Cian Carrigan remarked: "I think it's so funny that we can't do sexual innuendos but he can go and scream like that.


"It's all fine and dandy but when you're preaching about wanting to have intelligent conversations and you're screaming outside like your being f**ked in the a**e by a rhinoceros... I don't really smell intelligence at this time."

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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