Big Brother 2018: Akeem Griffiths gets between Cameron Cole and Lewis Flanagan

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Cameron Cole and Lewis Flanagan's friendship is tested in tonight's Big Brother highlights.

The pair have been almost inseparable up until now, but Akeem Griffiths ends up coming between them.


In the Diary Room, Cameron admits he's been getting closer to Akeem in recent days.

He tells Big Brother: "Pretty much everyone gets on with everyone. I mean, me and Akeem, we are quite close now. I don't think Lewis is jealous... I don't think I'm spending more time with Akeem."

Later, Cameron speaks to Akeem about how their growing friendship may impact Lewis.

He says to Akeem: "I don't think it would effect mine and his [Lewis] relationship, the fact our connection is getting better and stronger. I would definitely trust you now."

Akeem replies: "I definitely see you like a little cousin."

But it turns out that Lewis isn't completely happy about Cameron spending more time with Akeem, and his decision to save him in Friday's eviction.


"I haven't seen you for ages, I forgot me and you were friends. I can't remember the last time me and you spent time together," Lewis tells Cameron.

"You can have other friends too," he continues, before adding: "The only thing is you kept Akeem over Isabella and that's made me... You choosing Akeem over Isabella could potentially bite me in the arse in the future.

"With Isabella being here I could count four people being in my favour and now it's three. And I can't be doing with his theatrics."

Cameron reacts: "I couldn't have sent him home. I couldn't have done it."

Elsewhere tonight, housemates nominate but have to give 'positive nominations', telling Big Brother who they want to stay in the house. Those housemates with the fewest votes from their fellow housemates will face eviction.


In addition to the housemates' nominations, viewers could also nominate by voting for their own favourite housemate via the BBUK app over the weekend. The three housemates with the fewest votes will join those put up for eviction by the rest of the house.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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