Big Brother 2018: Akeem Griffiths gets information from the outside world

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Akeem Griffiths has received his 'Power Of Knowledge' on Big Brother 2018.

In Tuesday's highlights, Big Brother called Akeem to the Diary Room to give him more tip-offs as part of the twist.


Big Brother informed Akeem of the results of this week's nominations, which see him facing eviction.

In addition, Big Brother gave Akeem the power to ask viewers a yes or no question. He asked: "Do you think I deserve to be final?"

Viewers could answer the question via the BBUK app with the result revealed to Akeem in Thursday's episode.

And it was good news for Akeem, as Big Brother informed him that the public voted that he did deserve to be in the final.

Akeem won the 'Power Of Knowledge' in a new twist at the weekend.

Sunday evening's episode saw it 'rain money' in the garden as so-called Money Balls drop from the sky into the house.


Housemates had to collect as many of the balls as they can and deposit them in a box with their face on it. Each of the balls represented one Big Coin.

At the end, Zoe, Akeem and Cian were the richest housemates with 1,217, 952 and 951 Big Coins respectively. The three poorest housemates were Sian, Brooke and Tomasz with 880, 732 and 288 Big Coins respectively.

After the task, housemates took part in Big Brother's Big Auction with a mysterious top lot of a jigsaw piece that would give the owner a special privilege.

Akeem won the lot with a bid of more than 900 Big Coins after a bidding war involving himself, Lewis, Cian and Brooke. Akeem was subsequently provided with the jigsaw piece which completed the mind puzzle in the garden.

For completing the puzzle, Akeem won the 'Power Of Knowledge'. Big Brother announced: "Over the coming days you will reap the rewards of this power. With great knowledge, comes great power."

In the Diary Room, Big Brother told Akeem: "Knowledge will be shared with you over the coming days and must not be shared with your fellow housemates."

Big Brother then gave Akeem his first bit of knowledge, revealing that nominations on Sunday would be 'positive nominations'. Housemates will nominate their favourite two housemates to stay and those with the fewest nominations will be up for eviction.


Other lots in the auction were a 'Box of Fun' full of games and a 'Curry Night For 4'.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.

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