Big Brother 2018 results: Another housemate evicted after SHOCK twist

Big Brother double eviction results - who left?

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A sixth housemate has been given a surprise eviction from Big Brother 2018 in tonight’s results.

After another week of twists, Lewis Flanagan, Hussain Ahmed and Tomasz Wania were all left facing this week’s usual eviction.

Viewers voted to evict as usual and it was Hussain who was evicted from Big Brother 2018 tonight earlier in the show.

However unknown to the housemates that was only the first half of a double eviction.

A second, shock exit saw Isabella Farnese given the boot after a bombshell twist took the house by surprise.

Following the results of the main public vote, the rest of the housemates found out they were not safe for another week.

Instead, they were told they faced ‘a whole week of Big Brother in a night’.

Straight after the first eviction, housemates were shocked when they’re asked to nominate again. As the richest housemate, Cameron Cole was told he was immune from eviction.

In a round of speed nominations, each housemate gave two names of who they wanted to face eviction.

Big Brother nominations: Who nominated who?

Akeem nominated Lewis and Isabella
Brooke nominated Isabella and Lewis
Cameron nominated Isabella and Sian
Cian nominated Lewis and Akeem
Isabella nominated Akeem and Brooke

Lewis nominated Tomasz and Akeem
Sian nominated Lewis and Akeem
Tomasz nominated Cian and Lewis
Zoe nominated Akeem and Isabella

Therefore, Akeem and Lewis had 5 nominations and Isabella 4 nominations. As a result, they were put up for the second eviction of the night. Brooke, Cian, Sian and Tomasz all received one nomination. Zoe didn’t receive any nominations.

The nominated housemates automatically went forward to play the game changer, alongside richest housemate Cameron. Cameron also chose Zoe and Tomasz to play the game changer.

Akeem, Lewis, Isabella, Cameron, Zoe and Tomas took on the task called ‘Chain Reaction’. Each housemate had to unlock a series of padlocks attached to a chain by finding the right keys. The first housemate to remove all their padlocks was able to hit a buzzer, winning the game.

Lewis won the task and had the power to save one housemate from eviction, choosing himself.

That left Akeem and Isabella facing eviction – but there was no public vote.

Instead, as the richest housemate, Cameron had to decide which of the pair had to be evicted.

Cameron evicted Isabella, saying: “I’m so sorry. I know you’ll never forgive me. If I were you I’d be devastated.”

Following the eviction a total of eight housemates are in the house with the series now nearing the final.

They are Lewis, Tomasz, Akeem Griffiths, Brooke Berry, Cameron Cole, Cian Carrigan, Sîan Hamshaw and Zoe Jones.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5 and will conclude in November.

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