Davina McCall says Big Brother 'definitely needs resting' but thinks it will be back on TV

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Former Big Brother host Davina McCall says the show needs resting - but thinks it will end up back on TV.

The iconic reality series is airing what's set to be its last ever season on Channel 5 after eighteen years on air.


Big Brother started on Channel 4 with Davina in charge and she's given her say on its axe.

“I definitely think it needs resting for a little bit. I think if you rest it, you can muck about with it a little bit and come back to a new audience," Davina suggested. The ‘Big Brother’ addicts will still be there, the transient viewers will move on and then you’ll be new and fresh to a whole new, young audience. But it’s got such a name for itself, I still can’t think that it’s over.

“It’s a new beginning, but don’t say it’s going forever, because I can’t imagine it will.”

In an interview with the HuffPost, Davina went on to praise new Channel 4 reality show The Circle.

She said: “I really quite enjoyed ‘The Circle’ and maybe ‘Big Brother’ finishing, that is the chance for a new birth of programme. Maybe they will take tips from other shows like that and bring it back revamped.”

Meanwhile, Davina praised current BBUK host Emma Willis, saying: “Emma’s got an amazing career so she’s got nothing to worry about, it’s just weird.”

Emma herself said this week she'd love to stay on the show if it moved channels again.

She told the Radio Times: "Would I be a part of another Big Brother? Why wouldn't I?


"I've been a part of it for such a long time. As long as diaries allowed for it and it was still the Big Brother I know and love, then yes."

Big Brother currently airs Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5.

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