Big Brother's Lewis Flanagan has a problem with "unstable" Cian Carrigan

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Big Brother's Lewis Flanagan has revealed his problem with "unstable" Cian Carrigan.

After lashing out at Sîan Hamshaw in last night's episode, Lewis takes aim at Cian in tonight's show.


It follows Cian's previous admission that he fancied Cameron Cole.

In a chat with Zoe Jones, Lewis complained: "I just think that he's saying one thing to one person and one thing to another person. I think he's really unstable, I think he needs a lot of attention. I think that he lies to get attention.

"The other day, saying to you... for me that's manipulation, it's reverse psychology, saying, 'Zoe, tell Cameron that if he wants to talk to me, talk to me', and he'd come to sit in here by himself and feel sorry for himself crying. That's like a child, saying to Cameron, 'If he wants to talk to me he can' but come in here and wait for him to come.

"And all of a sudden he doesn't have feelings for him again now."

Zoe suggested: "I don't think he expected Cameron to do that. I don't think he expected Cameron to come out."

Lewis accused: "I think he's just desperate to have a bit of air time and him seeing that, I think he's capitalising on situations."

He went on to brand Cian "pathetic" for getting involve in other people's drama.

"F**king endless situations. Like six or seven things he's got involved, I just think he's doing it to capitalise on air time," Lewis ranted. "It's never ending.


"He's constantly getting involved.... he's a drama queen. Everyone must be able to see that."

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5.

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