Big Brother 2018 spoiler! Housemates set speedy shopping task

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The Big Brother 2018 housemates face their latest shopping task in tonight’s show.

The group are woken by Big Brother and told they must gather in the living area immediately.

They find a large timer which is slowly counting up, and only stops once housemates take their seats.

Big Brother explains to the group in order to pass this week’s shopping task and win a luxury shopping budget, they must complete a variety of tricky challenges in the shortest possible time.

The timer in the living room will start at the beginning of each challenge and stop only once it is completed.

The total time taken, as shown by the timer, will impact how long the group have to endure the end game, which will decide if they pass or fail.

Furthermore, if a housemate quits a challenge they’ll be unable to take part in the end game, making it even harder to pass.

One of the challenges sees Brooke Berry called to the Diary Room where she finds a wall of sweets.

Big Brother tells her: “Brooke, the aim of the shopping task is to complete all challenge as quickly as possible. All you have to do is eat every single sweet off the wall in front of you as quickly as you can.”

But it’s not that straight forward, with Big Brother blindfolding Brooke for the task.

Elsewhere in the Big Brother house this week, three housemates are now confirmed to face this week’s eviction on Big Brother 2018.

After another week of twists, Lewis Flanagan, Hussain Ahmed and Tomasz Wania have been confirmed to face the next eviction on Friday.

Lewis, Hussain and Tomasz were all originally put up for eviction alongside Isabella Farnese.

Once again they competed in the ‘Game Changer’ task that awarded the power to save a nominated housemate, other than Lewis who was killer nominated by Hussain.

This week the game changer took the form of an endurance task that was won by Isabella. She chose to save herself.

As a result, Lewis, Hussain and Tomasz went forward to face the public vote.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5. The eviction will take place on Friday with host Emma Willis.

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